New Vauxhall Corsa VXR planned

Vauxhall Corsa VXR ClubSport front
3 Jul, 2014 5:05pm Jack Rix

A hot VXR version of the new Corsa could arrive in 2015 with significantly more firepower than the Ford Fiesta ST

Vauxhall is planning a high-performance VXR version of the new 2014 Vauxhall Corsa – due to be unveilied officially next week - and it could arrive as early as next year. And in true VXR style, it should have easily enough power to outgun the rivals like the Ford Fiesta ST and Renaultsport Clio 200.

“We’d like to do one, there’s such a following for it we’d be crazy not to do it, there’s definitely a stong case,” Ian Mitchell, Vauxhall’s small car brand manager told us. “You might be seeing something next year.”

When asked whether it would be more powerful than the 180bhp Fiesta ST, Mitchell said “well it has got to be doesn’t it.”

A 197bhp version of Vauxhall’s new 1.6-litre direct-injection turbo engine has already been introduced on the Cascada convertible and is a likely candidate for the new car – bumping output up by 8bhp over the 189bhp car, with room to produce even more powerful versions later in the car’s lifecycle.

Vauxhall saved the best for last with the current-generation Corsa VXR, releasing a high-spec 202bhp Clubsport sedition (13bhp more than the 189bhp standard version) that featured Brembo brakes, a Remus sports exhaust, Billstein dampers and a limited slip front differential.

The all-new Corsa will be revealed next Wednesday, July 9, and we’ll bring you the all the details and a full picture gallery when the story breaks.

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So in fact it WON'T be any more powerful than the ST at all, and doubtless will handle as badly as the VXRs always do. Why do so-called expert reviews consistently get basic facts such as power wrong? ST has 197 on boost, not 180.

They can put as much power in as they like, the more power the higher the cost, one of the reasons that the ST is better in the first place

I don't get these cars, they are basic hatches, the VXR and the ST any other so called hot hatches. If somebody must have 200BHP then it would be better to buy a car that is designed to be a sports car rather than a shopping car souped up.

Why does anyone who can afford to insure a hot hatch want one when there are better choices that are less embarassing?

I'm disappointed with the styling of the new Corsa, recent models from Vauxhall including the current Corsa and the Astra GTC have been different and attractive but the new model seems to be playing it far too safe, dare I say it looks a bit boring. I have no doubt that the VXR version will look great but as a halo model it's halo can't be big enough to make up for Vauxhalls sudden withdrawal from the exciting design section of the market.

"New Vauxhall Corsa VXR confirmed"

So why show a pic of the current model?
Surely this is not news anyway, just bleedin obvious..

Chavs have a lot to look forward to then, when it's ten years old.

Yawn. Won't be as good as the Fiesta ST, Clio RS or 208 GTI. Why bother with it? And 197bhp in a car that is likely to be heavier than any of those three won't make it the fastest in class.

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