Volkswagen Passat 2014: price, release date and specs

11 Sep, 2014 11:26am Jonathan Burn

The new eighth-generation VW Passat has been unveiled, designed with a more premium feel

The wraps have finally come off the new eighth-generation Volkswagen Passat ahead of a debut at the Paris Motor Show in October. Designed by VW to go more upmarket, it's hoped the car's sleeker image and improved tech will help steer customers away from the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class.

With softer lines and an elegant sweeping profile, the new Passat is 14mm lower and 12mm wider than the outgoing model. The front end incorporates the brand’s new identity, with the three-bar chrome grille merging with the swept back headlights. At the back, a Phaeton-inspired rear end houses two chrome exhaust pipes which sit flush with the rear bumper.

Inside, technology and comfort have been the main focal points, with the conventional instrument cluster being replaced by a fully configurable 12.3-inch TFT display. Sadly, it will not be a standard feature but a separate 6.5-inch colour display in the centre console is fitted across the range.

Despite being shorter than the outgoing model – only by 2mm however – the new Passat offers more passenger space than before. That’s thanks to shorter front and rear overhangs, which allow the passenger compartment to be stretched by 33mm. There’s also more headroom as passengers sit lower to the ground and boot space is up by 21 litres, to 586. Space in the estate model has been boosted even further with boot capacity increasing by 47-litres, up to 650 litres.

Beneath the svelte new body, the Passat sits on a stretched version of the ubiquitous MQB platform helping shed 85kg from the weight of the car. Big changes continue with the engine options too, with fuel consumption being cut by up to 20 per cent. VW will offer a plug-in hybrid version of the Passat for the first time, with the 154bhp 1.4-litre TSI engine and 107bhp electric motor adopted directly from the Golf GTE. It will be available to UK buyers shortly after launch.

Another new arrival is a 237bhp 2.0 TDI BiTurbo engine, developing 500Nm of torque. It will be the new range-topping variant – offering 62bhp and 120Nm more than most powerful previous diesel engine – but available only with a DSG gearbox and 4MOTION all-wheel drive, returning a claimed 53mpg.

Likely to be more popular among fleet buyers is the 118bhp 1.6-litre TDI along with the 148bhp and 188bhp versions of the 2.0-litre TDI – all of which are availble from launch. Official pricing will be announced at the Paris Motor Show but a small premium over the outgoing model is expected. Prices should kick off at around £22,000.

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Just like it's not going to upset anyone anytime soon, it's design won't get anyone's heart racing either. I dare say it's a little bland, especially the interior. No doubt it will win countless group tests though.

'VW hopes a sleeker image and improve tech will help steer customer away from the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class.' Isn't that what Audi are there for?

Sounds a bit redundant, doesn't it?

Very nice car, interior less impressive but overall an attractive car, far better to look at than the current model. This car will dominate the sales for years to come.

Looks like a huge Chinese car!

The interior looks dated...

Jennifer I agree What are Audi going to feel like when their sales decline because its sister is stealing sales. Mind it will give BMW ,s 3 a bit of competition. I just do not get why BMW.s 3 is so lauded when it comes to road tests, I go out with a group of lads on Tues evenings. This week we all went i In the B M current model its has dreadful ride hardly able to cope with 5 up and the noise level in the back is too too high to , MY good OL Lexus Is far better Getting back to this new Passat if it can ride and handle well then watch out BMW your Mondeo (which is far better) rival will be beat. Oh silly me its the Badge on the BMW that why it sells one upmanship sad world

Not my particular cuppa, but I've enjoyed driving the CC model, and I guess that will follow on. Don't really see this as a BMW alternative though, as they are sooo different.

The VW marketing machine is just trying to justify the price hike - thought the MQB platform was going to make the cars cheaper. Ah yes, of course, VW makes them cheaper and sells them more expensive. Reason = Mr Greedy.
"the svelte new body" = still dull and bland
"upmarket" = der... it's a wolksvagen
"eighth generation" = can't count, because a facelift isn't a generation, no matter how often VW's marketing machine tells itself that it is...

Think you mean 'It looks great, it's a VW Group car, so is much better than anything Ford will ever build'. Ford suck Miguel, face it amigo

I'm sure it won't be long before I've got one 2" from my rear bumper

That interior?? Seriously that's what they've put into a car launched in 2014. Wow, but then German's are a bit unadventurous when it comes to interiors - New C class perhaps the exception.

I really don't see this being considered a challenger in the "Premium sector" as it doesn't really offer anything different. If you want the best chassis, you buy the 3 series, if you want to waft, you get the C Class, if you want reliability and quality you get a Lexus IS, and if you're an accountant you get the A4. It doesn't really have a USP over the ones I've mentioned other than it will be cheaper I guess. I can imagine Ford however getting a bit worried, given they've still not replaced their 8 year old Mondeo.

I wonder how many people who buy a Lexus ever go back to BMW, Merc, Audi, etc... I'd imagine it's fairly low.

You is talking about Ford son of a b..???

Found On Road Dead, Fix Or repair Daily, Yup, that'll be the Ford Mundano or Fucus or Escrote or Fester.

You are the Luis Suarez of Disqus Miguel, you just have to bite ;)


It will steer buyers away from the Mondeo and Insignia (if it can) rather than the 3-series and C-class.
I think Volkswagen pay the car magazines so much money to bring it up and that's why they are asking for high prices for their uninteresting cars.
Heck, they can't even design a damn car !!!!

Please can someone tell me where to find out why volkswagons are so expertly engineered? Oh, look! auto express can!

What's funny is that it still has a large dial to operate the lights. One might think that by fitting 2 large LCD screens they want to change their target from retired men to preparing for retirement men.

What a bland looking lump this is. Makes a Skoda Superb look sexy

I suspect it's a case of once bitten twice shy. No one in there right mind would drive a Lexus in preference to a BMW. In Japan they form part of Toyotas geriatic range for old farts and have the Toyota badge on the front. Lexus is Japanese for 'SUCKER'. This is badge engineering for morons with no taste - an IS is basically an Avensis with a hideous grill. Toyota, the car maker with the most recalls of any manufacturer.

Why does it look like an Accord gone wrong?

Hardly so. A couple of Eastern European dull dogs in a sector which equates "bland" with "tasteful"

What a boring car from a dull company. John from accounts will still want one and vent his frustration at driving such a poo car by driving 2 inches from your bumper forever more.

Is that all you got?
Probably somebody with a ford


your wife

Very nice slim looking front spoiled by that very large badge, and I don't mean it's a VW I mean that very large badge.

Wow, may I suggest some anger management courses or at the very least, some basic knowledge of cars... Avensis is front wheel drive, the IS is rear wheel drive, therefore completely different platforms. I could respond to your other points but I really can't be bothered. Once you've resolved the anger issues come back to me on it

"Wheats..." idiotic troll comment demontrates a complete lack of knowledge! The Avensis is unrelated to the IS from platform to drivetrain. He has obviously never been to Japan, because the Lexus brand exists there as does in the rest of the world competing in the premium sector with premium brands and appealing to a wide range of customers.

Would rather have a Ford than drive a Eastern European turdmobile Skoda!

Oh no, my wife has taste, she wouldn't lower her standards to gutter level for anyone with a Ford! By the way, YOUR 18 year old daughter joined us last night, said it was better than what you give her ;)

Thats all German cars have ever been... just a badge! and people in this part of the world follow one and other into the showrooms like sheep. Behind that 'badge' is a pretty ordinary, staid looking and driving car. I can talk, I used to own a previous shape Golf but got shot of it because I was so fed of the various niggles, which the (poor) dealer was incapable of rectifying.

'Prices should kick off at around £22,000' - so it's more expensive than a Mazda 6 (which is seen as expensive), far less reliable than a Mazda 6, less interesting than a Mazda 6, probably less fun than a Mazda 6 and (in my opinion) not as good looking as a Mazda 6. Okay, it has a bigger boot and (supposedly) better fuel economy (comparing the Skoda Octavia which is likely to have the same engines), but would you really choose the Passat?

A handsome and upmarket looking motor. Shame the engine range is decidedly downmarket.

I really miss the days when a car as dull as a Passat was available with a 4.0 W8 and a manual gearbox, or a 2.8-6 or a 2.3-5. All great engines.

How dare you suggest the advertising isn't reality!

I like a lot of VAG cars, however this car is the equivalent of Magnolia paint. Dull, boring & neutral.

More like "Discover how Volkswagens are expertly publicised" by use of "worship links" like this

Looks a Chinese car named YLB Longlife!!

Me too!

If I give you some crayons do you reckon you can do better than VW.

If you have a winning formula, that a lot of people (customers) like & buy do you change it? No of course you don't.


Probably the most boring looking car I have ever seen in a very long time. The Toyota Camry looks better than this sad thing.

It's based on a Chinese car design.

it`s not a surprise, that the British People have no matter of taste in a lot of things.

And also no skill in engineering and innovation today. That's the reason, why the British Nation have no own car industry now.
Isn't it shameful, that just the Germans help the British Motor Industry to survive?

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