Best buffers

6 Jul, 2005 2:08pm James Stanbury

Powered polishers take the grind out of making your car gleam - but which should you buy? We buff up with some big-sellers

We all know we should regularly wax our cars, but are put off by the sheer effort required. So why not let a machine take the strain? At the flick of a switch, a polisher will wipe and shine for hours... all you have to do is load it up with wax and swap the pads every now and then.

But which is the one to save you all that graft? We raided the accessory shop shelves to find the best.


Cosmo's polisher com- bines great performance, an excellent price and the versatility of a cordless tool. It was an easy winner here. Kinzo's 8E925EP is another bargain, and as one of the most powerful machines we looked at in our test, it clinched second spot. Third place goes to the Halfords 240-Volt prod- uct. This polisher is more expensive, but the padded handle and overall finish make it good to use.