Air compressors (mini)

3 Jan, 2007 (All day)

Getting your tyre pressures right is simple with a mini air compressor. We pick the best

Want to improve your car’s braking, handling, and cornering – and save money at the same time? Then keep your tyres inflated to the correct pressures. Checking and topping them up is a simple job that can make a big difference – and the easiest way to do it is with a mini compressor. These devices mean there is no queuing at the forecourt and paying to use airlines, plus none of the expense of a mains compressor. Also, you can top up when you want as the power comes from the cigar lighter – and all for around £20.

So, a mini compressor is a garage or boot essential. But which is best?


If this test was judged on design, the Michelin would win. But it failed the practical. Halfords’ Rapid was accurate, easy to use and had all the right features at a decent price, so it takes the victory.

Ring’s RAC200 is best for budget buyers who can put up with its gauge, while the ITC 12-132 would have come higher than third if it cost less.

1. Halfords Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator
2. Ring RAC200 Airomatic 300 psi Air Compressor
3. ITC 12-132 Truck and SUV Compressor