Wash mitts tested

Wash mitts tested
1 Feb, 2012 6:00am Kim Adams

Which wash mitt is best for removing filth from your car? We get out the bucket to test 12

Mitts are easy on your car, hands and wallet, and are a must-have for anyone planning to shift winter grime from bodywork. Their hugely absorbent microfibre and sheepskin materials hold large amounts of water to ensure grit is lifted off paintwork, instead of just pushed round to leave swirls and scratches on the clearcoat.

Wear rubber gloves inside and the best mitts will insulate your hands from the cold and wet, plus protect them against knocks. And unlike some valeting aids, they are cheap – many cost less than a fiver.

So which is the one to put the sparkle back in your car? We pulled on 12 to find out.

How we tested them
We divided a filthy car’s bodywork into sections and tried the mitts dry and wet, looking for progress on the caked-on grime.

As the designs are now very similar and cleaning results close, we also looked for a tight fit – especially at the cuff – as well as easy control for tackling complex grilles and wheels. Extras like a bug-shifting gauze scored points, too.

We measured absorbency by weighing the mitts dry and after they’d been soaked and allowed to drain for 30 seconds. Finally, we looked at price – the figures quoted exclude delivery costs.


There’s no stopping Kent, which takes its third victory on the trot with an improved version of its noodle mitt. This product ticks just about all the boxes for under £5. The similar Halfords 2 in 1 mitt seals second, with the ultra-comfortable Dodo Juice Tribble Mitt in third. The latter is costly, but the best to use on test.

1. Kent 2in1 Noodle Wash Mitt
2. Halfords 2 in 1 Microfibre Mitt
3. Dodo Juice Tribble Mitt