Simoniz Original Wax

4 Apr, 2007 1:00am

Price: £5.99 Size: 500ml


We loved the original hard paste, but it was a chore to apply. This liquid version has its longevity – beading well to the end – without the sweat of putting it on. Our best budget buy.

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used this for the last 9 months on tango red mondeo taxi looks good in most weathers though colour tends to show dust easily
inbetween use instant trigger polish from same manufacture...

In the 45years I've held an opinion on the subject, nothing except nothing beats Simoniz Original Paste wax. Chore, maybe; Hard work, for sure, but I've tried everything else and, in the words of the Sinead O'Connor song, Nothing Compares 2 U!!. I will never understand why Simoniz withdrew this product. Maybe the price was too cheap compared to the expensive but generally mediocre products from the likes of Meguiars etc.
Looks like second best for me!!
B Keating