Car polish

3 Apr, 2007 1:00am

Which is the best car polish on the market? We deliver the answer in our biggest-ever test of 50 leading products...

After a long winter, your car not only deserves a good waxing - it needs one. Paintwork exposed to rain, snow and grit during the cold months has to be revived.

Now's the time to put the sparkle back into your motor. But waxing it is hard work, and you want all that effort to last, which is why we have put together this 50-polish mega test. Which are the shining stars?

The test

the last thing you want to see is all the hard graft of polishing vanish with the first rain shower, so at the heart of our test is stamina.

We tested all types of product, including polishes, waxes, sealants, synthetics and the latest offerings which you apply straight after rinsing your motor. Two bonnets were used, and we left control areas to ensure equal conditions. Our samples were checked regularly over eight weeks to see which were still beading water and offering protection. The test was two weeks longer than previous assessments, really stretching each product.

We also took into account ease of application and, of course, cost. The figures quoted are pack prices, and do not include delivery charges from online sources.


It was very close at the top, with Turtle Wax's Extra Gloss narrowly taking the title from fellow non-abrasive sealant and stablemate Gloss Guard, and Comma's champ from last year.

However, the third-placed Top Gloss is our favourite conventional polish. It's ahead by a clear margin from the Simoniz Original Wax and CarPlan's Nanomeric Sealant.

Top five car polishes

1. Turtle Wax Platinum Extra Gloss
2. Turtle Wax Gloss Guard
3. Comma Car Polish
4. Simoniz Original Wax
5. CarPlan Nanomeric Paintwork Seal & Protect

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strange how auto glym's rating has gone down it was the king of polishes for years

I'm surprised not to see Mer's Ultimate Polish high up there in the rankings! I believe they have a new formula and it looks like their brand has had a major overhaul. Give their products a try. Take a look at

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I agree with blerkslerk's comment above, 3M should also be looked at as well

I use Turtle Wax Platinum Extra Gloss or
Turtle Wax Extreme Nano-Tech Polishing Wax on my car, both work really well.

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Success to all,

John Chablo
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I cant understand the poor rating you gave Simoniz Max.Recently I was unable to get it,and tried numerous turtle wax
products instead, which were appalling.The simoniz removed tar with ease,which a turtle wax product specifically for that purpose failed to do. I had to revert to white spirit to complete the task.Another great advantage of the simoniz max,was the
ease with which it could be removed (plus tar and grit),and the fine gloss it left.
I found all turtle wax products hopeless.Others werent much
better.I think it was a very unfair review of an excellent product,and I hope your article hasnt contributed to the difficulty
in sourcing it.

They are not

dear sir I am sorry I cant agree with your test results on car polish I have always used simoniz original wax (the one in the yellow tin ) and have just got a new tin after having problems getting this was I think its because its to much work my 2007 vectra takes me two hours to was but last longer that any other polish or wax and I have tryed them all dont forget the yellow tin they may soon stop making this product all the best alan.

.. balls.
You'r comparing polishes and waxes in the same test, they do different things, so your results are near meaningless. Polishes create the shine, waxes seal it in for longer. Come on auto express, you should know better than this !

.. ever heard of punctuation, or perhaps the occasional full stop ? Jeeez !

I love this car polish. I use it to clean my car and sometimes my afe intake if its dirty

Auto Express your meant to be the leading car magazine but its clear you do not know what you are talking about here, wax and polish are two different things! How can you compare a wax against a polish then call them all polishes? This test has no creditability now if you can not understand the difference between a wax and a polish. Disappointed by the clear lack of knowledge arrogance from the 'leading' car magazine.

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Wot's all these adds for phones doing on an auto mag site? The web master should ZAP them immediately.

I don’t want to be hijacked by phone adds, or any other adds for regular tat, when I am researching for car polish, and the people who put them there must have more neck than a giraffe.

some excellent waxes in this test but why no Harly Wax. used it for years and it knocks the socks off this lot. easy to apply easy to remove and it doesn't leave any annoying powder residue behind badges or on rubber and plastic trim,leaves a blemish free finish and each time you apply it it just gets better and better it out lasts anything I have tried before it has been a good 3 months since we had the weather to wax my car but all i need to do is power wash it and it comes up like I have just waxed. 100% carnauba wax and competitively priced it would come out on top in this test

auto express should do three separate reviews; polishes, sealants and waxes, combining them is a mistake. After cleaning my car with a clay bar I do a coat of sealant and then wait a day before waxing, that way the paint is still protected when the wax is gone. The best sealant I've found is Nu Finish which is labelled polish, but isn't; it is similar to Meguiar's 21 sealant but contains no wax so it lasts longer. Either of those two products with Meguiar's Ultimate paste wax on top is my favourite combo but the Turtle Wax Platinum Extra Gloss was a worthy winner all things considered.

Hi Auto Express. When will you be conducting the next Polish Test. The old ones are dates 05 and 07? Keep up the good work. I am an avid follower of the car product test.

HI @lowena1 - thanks for you comment.

Here's the test from 2010:

We're testing polishes again at the moment - the full test will be in the 4th of April issue, and online a week later. Hope this helps.

Auto Express

For all the other steps of the waxing process I've found the Car Waxes and wax products can really make or break how your paint turns out. I've been an auto detailer for 9 years and really focus on paint restoration and how to properly wax paint. I enjoy articles like this one on wax! Nice post!

Most polish & wax products listed above and available to retail customers have very similar ingredients. Professional auto detailing workshops & old timers restoration garages don't use any such products that private people do. We buy only from top industry companies such as Berner, Caramba, Menzerna, Einszett, Autobrilliant, Rex, Autosol, Swizöl, Aristoclass, Arexons to name a few. Their polishes & waxes are already made with the use of new nanotechnologies in chemistry that's why hold much longer & provide results that you can't compare to products sold in Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack, U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc., O'Reilly Automotive Inc., AutoZone, Inc., Advance Auto Parts Inc., not to mention Amazon or Ebay & similar online retailers.

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Also keep in mind that Made in Germany and other W. European brands are much better in quality than Made in USA polishes & waxes which are based on older technologies. Below are the main ingredients used in Polish & Wax that are sold to retail customers:

























Have a great Polish and Wax.


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