Dunlop SP Sport FastResponse

Dunlop SP Sport FastResponse
Credits: Matt Vosper
12 Sep, 2012 10:00am


Safe and secure when the heavens open, but fuel efficiency needs to be looked at.

If the new Michelin Energy Saver+ has put too much emphasis on efficiency, you could argue that Dunlop has not focused on it enough. The tyre labels give the SP Sport FastResponse a C rating for rolling resistance, and it finished seventh in our test – way behind Michelin and Continental.

But as is so often the case, poor fuel efficiency is a trade-off for strong wet performance, and the Dunlop was among the top four on a soaked track. As with its Goodyear stablemate, it excelled in the deep water aquaplaning tests, and it put together a good lap on the wet handling circuit. Although it was a touch off the ultimate pace, it felt very secure with good balance and traction. It also finished fourth in our wet braking assessment.

Impressively, Dunlop has managed to achieve this wet performance without sacrificing too much in the dry – the tyre proved good enough for second place in braking. It was fifth in the very close dry handling table, but felt sharp, with good direction changes.

However, it was last by some distance in the cabin noise test, and was pipped to a podium spot by the Nexen, which was a bit better in the wet.

Rating Position
Dry braking 98.7% 2nd
Dry handling 98.9% 5th
Wet cornering 98.3% 4th
Wet braking 96.3% =6th
Wet handling 99.0% 4th
Straight aqua 99.5% 2nd
Curved aqua 86.3% 3rd
Cabin noise 97.5% 8th
Rolling resistance 75.3% 7th
Overall 99.3% =4th

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