Goodyear EfficientGrip

Goodyear EfficientGrip
Credits: Matt Vosper
12 Sep, 2012 10:00am


Best buy - A good all-rounder that proved a star performer in the wet. All at a very keen price.

The foundations of Goodyear’s success here were built in the wet tests – it starred in our deep water aquaplaning assessments. And even though we weighted the tests to prevent any unfair advantage, this tyre’s superiority in the wet was clear.

The EfficientGrip was way ahead of the rest in the curved aquaplaning test. And as you’d expect from this, it put in a balanced, secure performance on the wet handling track. It came eighth for wet cornering, but was close to the best. Only in the wet braking test is Goodyear likely to want to see an improvement.

This tyre was also a real contender on dry tarmac – it was close to the pace-setters in our braking and handling assessments. It felt a bit soft in the latter, which should appeal to those want a smooth ride. The EfficientGrip was also the quietest product, alongside the Nokian, in the cabin noise test.

Like most of our tyres, the Goodyear was put in the shade for fuel economy by the latest Continental and Michelin, although it was just behind the new Bridgestone at the head of the chasing pack. As we’ve seen before, a good all-round performance secures the overall win. That price is just a bonus.

Rating Position
Dry braking 97.3% 6th
Dry handling 98.5% 6th
Wet cornering 98.0% 8th
Wet braking 94.9% 5th
Wet handling 98.2% 5th
Straight aqua 100% 1st
Curved aqua 100% 1st
Cabin noise 100% =1st
Rolling resistance 76.9% 5th
Overall 100% 1st

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Price: £61.20