Multimedia system mini test

Parrot Asteroid Tablet
21 Nov, 2012 10:00am Jamie Fretwell

We test three of the best aftermarket multimedia systems

Built-in multimedia systems aren’t cheap – VW charges a huge £2,080 extra, for example, for the RNS510 touchscreen on its Golf. But you can get hands-free tech, iPod connectivity and sat-nav for far less with an aftermarket kit.

Parrot won our test of single-height stereos in Issue 1,181 with the Asteroid, which has now been rebranded Asteroid Classic and joined by three new systems. At the top of the range is the £549 Asteroid Smart double-height stereo, while there’s also a £349 Asteroid Tablet and £249 Asteroid Mini. So which should you buy?

We checked out the screen sizes, spec lists and accessories. The devices all have similar menus, but we rated ease of use. All have to be hardwired to your car, too, so you’ll need to pay for installation.

The Tablet is our pick. It’s well priced, has a clever remote and Parrot’s superb voice activation. The Smart is great if you want to replace your car’s stereo, while the Mini is small and discreet.