Vacuum cleaner mini test

28 Nov, 2012 10:00am Jamie Fretwell

We test three in-car vacuum cleaners from Karcher to see which is the best buy

Vacuum cleaners make light work of cleaning inside your car, but you don’t have to drag your household vac outside to do it.

Dedicated workshop vacuums are more suited to a rough life, and pressure washer specialist Karcher has launched a new range. We compared three models.

The first test was suction in a car boot covered in dog hair and dust. We compared how clean each vacuum left the surface after two passes. All three claim to suck up liquid, so we ran water and antifreeze through them.

We looked at ease of use and pulled each by its hose to see if it toppled over or wheeled towards us. Finally, we factored in value based on features and price.

The WD 3.300 M is our pick – it has loads of power, a stainless steel drum and a blower function, all for £109.99. The WD 2.200 is great if you’re on a budget, but it can’t be used as a leaf blower, while the WD 5.200 MP is the one to buy if money’s no object.