Car mats group test

28 Nov, 2012 10:15am Jamie Fretwell

We test 12 sets of car mats to protect footwells from winter grime

Slush, mud and leaves can ruin your car’s footwell carpet. So get protection from winter muck by swapping your factory-fitted mats for a set of aftermarket designs.

There are durable mats made entirely of rubber, discreet carpet designs which mimic your car’s original mats, plus those that combine both to offer a mixture of style and strength. We tested universal mats, some of which can be cut to fit, although car-specific designs are also available.

Our test compared 12 leading buys to see which is best for your car.

How we tested them

We put our mats in the footwells of two test cars, checking to see how well they fitted and resisted movement.

To assess durability, and mimic the abuse they face, we ran the heel of a boot on the driver’s side mat. We rated the mats’ ability to stand up to everyday grime by rubbing in chocolate and squash, and noted which had sections of rubber shaped to trap dirt and stop it spilling out. Then Comma Interior Cleaner was applied so we could see which mats scrubbed up best.

Finally, we looked at value for money, although none of these prices includes delivery.


Leading the way in this test is the Ring Durashield 3000. This set comprises large rubber mats which are very durable and a breeze to keep clean – and the competitive price confirmed its place at the top.

Second place goes to the Michelin Premium Carpet and Rubber mats, as these provide plenty of scope for adjustment. Our favourite carpet mat from Halfords rounds out the podium places.

1. Ring Durashield 3000
2. Michelin Premium Carpet and Rubber
3. Halfords Universal Carpet

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