Best sat-navs: 2016 group test

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14 Apr, 2016 11:30am Martin Saarinen

Which portable sat-nav device can plot your route best? We test six to find out

Despite a host of new in-car tech continuously hitting showrooms, a sat-nav continues to be one of the most sought after features for motorists. The good news is that for those drivers who don’t have a car which includes a sat-nav as standard kit, there are dozens of portable devices to choose from.

Best sat-nav apps

Some of the newest ones on the market have intelligent route options, traffic-busting features and live updates, while others stick to the basics and come with a cheaper price tag. So, which should you rely on to get you from A to B?

The test

We divided the test into those fitted with live traffic and route updates, and those without. Live sat-navs were assessed on their traffic-beating abilities, alongside navigation competence.

Infotainment test

In both categories, clear and precise instructions, displayed accurately and well in advance, were the highest priority on our test route. Spotting speed cameras in advance was another positive, and finally, the number of maps and other additional features were considered when assessing overall value. Prices were taken from the manufacturers’ websites.


The TomTom GO6100 is the priciest sat-nav on test, but well worth the money if you want the very best on offer. For non-live sat-navs, it’s the nüvi 58LM that gets our vote for its comprehensive package of features. 


  1. 1. TomTom GO6100
  2. 2. Garmin nuvi 2699LMT-D
  3. 3. Mio Spirit 7670LM


  1. 1. Garmin nuvi 58LM
  2. 2. TomTom Start 50
  3. 3. Mio Spirit 5400LM

Have you tried any of these sat-nav units? Let us know what you thought of them in the comments section below...