Best sat-navs: our top picks for 2014

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10 Apr, 2014 12:00pm Henry Willis

We've tested all the best sat-navs in the UK to find out which to stick on your dash to guide you home

Sat-navs have become must-haves for many drivers, but with such a range of features, it can be hard to pick the best sat-nav for you. We test seven to see which is the most capable overall.

Yet it’s not all about being packed with the latest features, as some cheaper, basic models impressed, too. While some drivers prefer smartphone apps, and lots of cars now have built-in sat-navs, portable navs are still popular.

There are plenty of apps available on modern smartphones, and some of them are free - which makes these devices look a bit expensive by comparison. If you go for a branded device like TomTom or Garmin, you need to make sure you're getting good value for money - so we've put together our top seven sat-navs, accessible via the links to the left.

How we tested them

Even if you don’t rack up high mileage, live traffic information is a must in a sat-nav – so the devices with traffic updates scored the most points in our test.

Ease of use was crucial, as was their ability to take you to the door of your destination, via a direct route, so we tried each on the same route, mixing urban and rural roads and motorways

All but one of our devices had five-inch screens, but extras such as full European maps and Bluetooth hands-free also impress. We rated services included, like map updates and speed cameras, and quote the best prices from a range of retail and online suppliers at the time of writing.


Garmin has two sat-navs on the podium, with the 3598LMT-D taking overall victory on account of its raft of features. The 2568LMT-D is great value for money and sits in third place, with the capable TomTom GO 6000 splitting the two.

1. Garmin 3598LMT-D
2. TomTom GO 6000
3. Garmin 2568LMT-D

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I am astonished by this list which I regard as rubbish. For instance having had numerous satnavs all of which had defects I bought a Garmin Nuvi 50 as an upgrade. I have to say that it is IMHO rubbish. (1) The voices are southern English and mumbled. Clearer voices and dialects are definitely needed, This is very important and at times I revert to my Medion Go-Pal as lazily spoken mumbled southern English is no use whatsoever in a noisy diesel car. (2) Quite frequently the turn is spoken too late and after it has been passed. (3) As always figure of 8 roundabouts defeat it (these seem to defeat them all!)

I would pay good money for an accurate satnav that had clear diction but such things don't seem to exist.

You are not alone JB. This list; actually the whole article is full of bland statements and limited in it's value and accuracy

The Tom Tom app on a Smartphone is as good a solution as any and you can chose your voice and even download them. This is available for Android and iPhone - I don't think Auto Express know what Android is though (:<

(yes I have had both I'm not a fan boy as they call it)

Sat-Nav's are pretty much redundant these days, All half decent smart phones come with google maps and google navigation as standard ( apart from Iphone's and Blackberrys ) This includes live traffic updates inc Crash reports / estimated time of arrival in the current traffic conditions and multiple routes and you can SYNC it to your computer for custom route planning at home if that's your cup of tea.

I got my Nexus 4 for £135 unlocked brand new and with its 4.8" screen its the perfect phone/ sat-nav.

My TomTom is now a brick—good for nothing but the garbage. And thanks to terrible customer service, they won't even replace my $350 device! Crooks

It's never worked on my Mac to connect and update. And now it doesn't work on a PC. TomTom support department want's to use the excuse on PC firewall and security systems but, when we took the one firewall setting off—it still called an ERROR and crashed the internet.

Not only that but, the PC & TomTom combo deleted the entire application from the device!!! It can turn On > says THERE"S NO MAPS > and then I can turn it Off. Hence a useless piece of plastic. Crooks I tell you—crooks.

Thanks TomTom for taking my money, for a poorly developed and tested product and useless support and customer service!

I hope Garmin is actually compatible with Mac's and offer better service.

I bought copilot on the recommendation from autoexpress and the fact that live traffic is free. When I now click on livetraffic, it says it is an upgrade for " " (it is blank!). When I press buy, it does nothing.
Has autoexpress realy try to enable live traffic or just took copilot word for it?

AEX 1334
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