Best sat-navs: our top picks for 2015

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9 Sep, 2015 1:45pm Henry Willis

Read our full product test to see the best sat-navs available in the UK

A portable sat-nav can be an important part of any trip, especially on unfamiliar roads. Many modern cars have integrated sat-nav systems, but plenty of used cars don't and a portable system can be a big help if your car's nav breaks, for example. Of course, smartphone apps can provide a similar service - but they do drain your mobile's battery fast.

Its not just turn-by-turn directions that the best sat-navs provide; they are also loaded with traffic-busting features that mean you won't get caught in a huge jam on the way home - and they can even find you a nearby petrol station or car park.

You can have a look through our reviews of each device using the links to the left or below. Read on below to see how we tested each sat-nav and our final verdict on the best sat-navs in 2015.

How we tested them

Accuracy was key to our test: whether guiding us on intricate urban roads or motorways, a nav had to give clear, concise routing, plus traffic-busting features impressed. Ease of use was a factor, while extras like speed trap warnings scored points. Price was the final consideration, taken from a range of sources.

Our route, which was the same for every device, covered urban and rural roads as well as motorways, to make sure the device takes you straight to the door of your desitnation as fast as possible. The sat-nav's user interface was also tested to see how easy it is to use.

Extras such as full European maps and Bluetooth hands-free also impress, along with a good screen. We rated services included, like map updates and speed cameras, too.


It’s a first win in four years for TomTom, as its GO 6000 is our top portable sat-nav, ahead of Garmin’s 2599LMT-D.