Wind-up torch reviews: 2014 group test

22 Jan, 2014 11:30am Kim Adams

A wind-up torch can come to the rescue in a breakdown after dark, but which one would we leave in our glovebox?

Make sure the torch in your glovebox is always ready to go by buying a wind-up version.

You can go months if not years between needing an emergency light while driving, and this is often well beyond the life of batteries. But after a few minutes cranking a wind-up torch, you can have enough light to tackle that night-time puncture or repair no matter how long it’s been in the car.

These products are also eco-friendly, and most are easy on the pocket. So which wind-up torch should you turn to? We tested 12 to find out.

How we tested them

Central to this test is the light each torch delivers and how long it lasts – so we measured output directly ahead and assessed its spread for tackling repairs. We cranked each torch for a minute and assessed usable light over three metres. Run times for close up would be longer.

Other key factors included alternative charging methods, power-saving modes and easy cranking. Prices are the best available at the time of testing from a range of online retailers.


The Ventus Eco Pro Torch won our last test of wind-up torches, and it holds on to its crown, easily justifying its price with the best light output and stamina here. And the Powerplus Barracuda takes another podium place – it was the only contender to come close to matching the performance of our winner. Completing the podium is our pick of the budget torches: the Uni-Com Motorist Torch.

1. Ventus Eco Pro Torch
2. Powerplus Barracuda
3. Uni-Com Motorist Torch