Speed camera detector reviews and group test

15 May, 2014 3:30pm Henry Willis

We name the devices you can rely on to help keep you off of a speed awareness course

Staying within the speed limit is a key part of staying safe. But when driving on unfamiliar roads, it’s not always clear how fast you can go. One surefire way of staying on top of speed limits is with a safety camera locator. Not only do 
they warn you of speed cameras or mobile traps, but many 
display a correct speed limit, too. We put eight to the test.

How we tested them

It's essential for a safety camera locator to 
be accurate, so locating cams precisely was 
key, while bonus marks were awarded to those that could correctly alert you to mobile sites. Marks were also given to those that displayed 
the speed limit of the road at all times, and it 
was crucial to get sufficient notice of an upcoming cam. Prices for the two standalone units are RRPs.


Cheetah's C50 was simple yet worked well, and is our winner. The Road Pilot Mobile app gives 
a comprehensive level of detail and Cyclops’ 
new app is also worthy of a podium place.

1. Cheetah C50
2. Road Pilot Mobile
3. Cyclops V3