Speed camera detectors: 2016 group test

8 Apr, 2016 11:30am Joe Finnerty

Which hardware and app speed camera detectors are the best for identifying speed traps?

With so many fixed speed, red light and mobile cameras on the roads, it’s easy to get caught out on unfamiliar routes and find yourself with a fine and three points on your licence. One way of making sure you stay safe is by using a speed camera detector. They’ll warn you of cameras on your route, plus what speed you should be going.

Drivers have two options: a standalone speed camera detector that fits to your dash or windscreen, or a smartphone app. Apps are far cheaper than hardware, but will drain your mobile’s battery, so have a charger ready for long journeys. We’ve tested and rated four of each to find out which one is best.

How we tested them

We ran each locator on routes we knew had different cameras monitoring varying limits. Location and speed accuracy were the key factors, plus we awarded extra marks for visual and audio alerts, as well as details of the type of camera ahead.

We looked at the notice each device provided about an upcoming cam, plus how easy they were to set up and, if necessary, update. Bonus points were given to those that displayed the limit at all times. Our final factor was price, from various sources as we went to press.

There were clear winners in hardware and app categories of our test, and Cheetah retained its standalone crown. Plus, the Cyclops app really impressed us – it’s better than many hardware solutions.

Locator Hardware

  1. 1. Cheetah C550
  2. 2. Road Angel Gem+

Locator Apps

  1. 1. Cyclops
  2. 2. Road Pilot