Roof bars review: product group test

Roof bars feature
19 Jun, 2014 4:00pm Henry Willis

Pic from 10 of the best roof bars, from brands like Thule, that make carrying loads easier

A set of roof bars adds another dimension to your car’s carrying ability, letting you fit a roof box or bike carrier, or strap items to the bars. And roof bars are cheap, widely available and fit most cars.

This time we’re looking at bars for roof rails, and tested 10 sets on our Dacia Duster. Vehicles without rails should have a roof gutter bolt or door frame clamp fitting, for which a different version of the bars we’ve tested should be available check with a specialist to find a set for your car.

How we tested them

We were looking for bars to be as easy to fit and remove as possible – you don’t want to leave them on, as the wind resistance means using unnecessary fuel.

Aerodynamic bars don’t only save fuel, they can also make less noise. We awarded extra marks for innovative features, with price our final factor; the figures we quote are the best we could find from various sources at the time of going to press.


A basic yet slick operation gives Atera’s aluminium Signo RT bars the edge over rivals from Thule here. The Thule SlideBar is good but pricey, and comes second ahead of the solid budget SquareBar.

1. Atera Signo RT
2. Thule SlideBar 891
3. Thule SquareBar 761