DAB car radio adaptor reviews & group test

DAB car radio
19 Aug, 2014 4:30pm Henry Willis

Which set-up is best for converting your car radio to work with digital broadcasts?

By converting to a DAB car radio, you’re covered for future developments in radio tech as the Government plans – but continues to delay – an analogue turn-off. Plus, switch now and you can benefit from a wealth of extra stations, as well as superior sound quality.

With in-car DAB tech still in its infancy, hardware can be hit or miss, so DAB adaptors are a great way of obtaining digital radio without a substantial overhaul. We put eight adaptors to the test to find the best.

How we tested them

Strong reception was vital – we wanted the best audio quality with no interruptions on motorways or in town – and good signal was key, so we could access as many stations as possible. We used each device’s own aerial, where possible, and liked easy fitting. Smooth operation was important, too. Prices are the best we could find from a range of sources as we went to press, and exclude fitting.


We've always been impressed with the Pure Highway 300Di, and it comes up trumps here again. AutoDAB Lite runs it a close second, and DABmotion earns a worthy place on the podium.

1. Pure Highway 300Di
2. AutoDAB Lite
3. DABmotion