Bentley eyes multiple Mulsanne models

Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner badge
Credits: Max Earey
10 Sep, 2013 11:31pm Steve Fowler

Bentley to challenge Rolls-Royce with more ultra-luxury models

Bentley is already looking beyond its forthcoming SUV for further expansion, according to sales and marketing director, Kevin Rose.

Speaking exclusively to Auto Express, Rose said: “The SUV market will open up for us, but we have to look at other opportunities out there after the SUV.

“I’d like us to have a great succession plan for Mulsanne. We have one car there, while Rolls-Royce has seven.”

Rose described Bentley as being ‘a better brand for having Mulsanne’ and also said that further expansion would be easier at the top end of the range rather than the bottom.

The new SUV will boost sales from today’s annual figures of around 10,000 up to 15,000, yet profitability is key according to Rose: “Being profitable enables us to self-fund development of new models and protect ourselves should the market drop away again as it did in 2008.”

Speaking separately to Auto Express, as the company launched new V8 S versions of the Continental, Bentley boss Wolfgang Schreiber said that hybrid and diesel powertrains were also being considered for the forthcoming model.