Bristol reveals details of top secret ‘Project Pinnacle’

5 Sep, 2014 12:47pm Calum Burns

There's a new Bristol on the horizon. Project Pinnacle refers to a new car from the idiosyncratic British brand

Three years after Bristol went into administration, plans are underway to launch an all-new model. Codenamed Project Pinnacle, the new car is set to arrive in 2015 alongside a refreshed Kensington High Street showroom – the result of millions of pounds of investment. Bristol also confirmed plans for a range-extender luxury flagship GT to be released at a later date.

This teaser is all we’ve got to go on so far but Bristol describes Project Pinnacle as an “anniversary celebration… executed as a modern take on the best of British craftsmanship and engineered to excite as a high-performance Bristol car”.

The plans were unveiled at the 2014 Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace today, an event increasingly proving to be a popular showcase for the rarest and most covetable classic cars. 

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In 2011, Bristol Cars went into administration and was eventually acquired by Kamkorp. The current structure makes Bristol Cars a subsidiary of Bristol Automotive Group where it can work in partnership with electric drivetrain specialist Frazer-Nash Research.

It’s Frazer-Nash that is thought to be helping develop the electric powertrain for Bristol’s future range-extender flagship, but little else is known about it. Rumours in 2011 suggested that Kamkorp owner, Kammal Siddiqi was targeting 200mph whilst returning 100mpg by utilising a range-extender drivetrain. 

In 2015, Bristol will be celebrating its 70th Anniversary, which coincides with the completion of the first phase of ‘Bristol is back’. That includes Project Pinnacle, a reopened Specialist centre for parts, service and restorations in West London, s well as the new showroom.

Bristol’s last model was the Fighter, launched over a decade ago in 2003 using a Chrysler V10 mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission. 

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