V90 estate: one of nine new Volvo models in next five years

Volvo Concept Estate
26 Aug, 2014 12:30pm Steve Fowler

The new Volvo XC90 has been revealed, sparking a blitz of nine new Volvos in the next five years

Volvo has confirmed a total of nine all-new models will be launched in the next five years, starting with the new Volvo XC90.

The nine models will line up across three ranges - 90, 60 and 40 - with three versions in each range - S, V and XC. Volvo says that the 90 models will offer sophistication, 60 models will be more dynamic and 40s are more about fun. As far as the pillars are concerned, S equals elegance, V elegance and functionality, while XC stands for refined strength.

Following the XC90 SUV will be the S90 replacement for the S80 saloon, set to rival the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Jaguar XF. This model was originally set to be launched before the XC90, but the decision was made to switch three years ago.

A V90 estate will follow, before attention is turned to the S60, V60 and XC60. Finally, towards the end of the decade, the V40 will be replaced while an XC40 baby SUV will be added along with an S40 small saloon.

Key to the new models are Volvo's new modular platform technologies and engine line-up. The XC90 debuts the SPA large platform and a range of four-cylinder diesel and petrol Drive-E engines. The SPA architecture will also underpin all future 90 and 60 models.

The 40 range will feature three-cylinder engines from the new modular Drive-E range and they’ll likely be introduced into the current V40 at some point, too. Volvo product boss Lex Kerssemakers told Auto Express: "It's easy to produce three-cylinder engines from the Drive-E range and we hope to introduce them in the near future."

Volvo XC90 dash

The 40 models will be produced on an all-new CMA platform, being co-developed with Volvo's Chinese owners Geely and set to feature on a new range of Geely small cars. 

However, in spite of the excellent reaction to Volvo's recent Concept Coupe there are no plans to produce a coupe Volvo. Kerssemakers said: "I know my colleagues would love to do it, but I have to say 'no'. We need to get our basic line-up in order before we slowly start to put the icing on the cake.

"Nine models is enough for now. When you do the maths and look at sales volumes, we have to focus. Our rivals' bread and butter cars account for 60-80% of their total volume. That's where we want to be to achieve our growth target of 800,000 cars a year."

Kerssemakers also confirmed that Polestar performance models were very much part of the future model line-up, although a polestar XC90 hasn't been considered. Volvo would also be concentrating on its plug-in hybrid technology rather than full EV, but the company has the ability to develop a full EV if the market demanded it at pretty short notice.

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