Dashcams to cut UK insurance premiums by 10 per cent

Drivers urged to install dash cams in bad driving crackdown
6 May, 2014 3:00pm Joe Finnerty

Swiftcover becomes first major insurer to offer dash cam discount

On-board dash cams are the latest tech to help cut insurance premiums after Swiftcover became the first major insurer to announce a 10 per cent discount for drivers fitting video cameras in their cars.

Insurers believe the cameras can help cut fraud, prove liability and improve driving behaviour - just like telematics have.

Swiftcover expects to see a boom in the use of dash cams over the next year as drivers seek cheaper deals. They're already hugely popular in Russia with footage of crashes often surfacing on the internet. Between October and December last year, swiftcover.com said sales of crash cams in the UK had risen by 28 per cent, too.

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And drivers can benefit by saving hundreds of pounds when they're involved in an accident through preserving no claims bonuses and insurance excesses by proving it wasn't their fault. Dash cams will also allow claims to be settled much quicker with video evidence solving liability disputes.

Roman Bryl, product manager at swiftcover.com, said: "Reducing the cost of premiums for responsible motorists is what every insurer should be doing. We believe that by using a dash cam and being able to accurately and quickly establish who was at fault, we will save money and therefore motorists will significantly benefit from lower premiums and more responsible driving."

The British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA) told Auto Express dashcam technology was a huge area for growth and that all insurers would be keeping a keen eye on those companies entering the market first.

Do you think dash cams in cars are a good thing or is this a case of 'Big Brother' gone too far? Tell us in the comments section below... 

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Great idea the problem I will constantly down thecop shop giving them videos of bad or dangerous driving as there so many clowns on the road mainly driving bmws.

If you have a camera phone buy a £5 bluetooth obd2 adapter and torque software for £3.5 you have a camera that records ur trip on the sd card over laid on google map and your gps speed etc.

Not the first, Adrian Flux have been doing this for some time now. You might not have heard of them but they are a fairly large insurer.
It can be a pain convincing an insurer that the dashcam is properly fitted though.

What happens if it proves you are at fault?

I have a Roadhawk dash cam, a great idea, other vehicles have them, like buses. It has gps so records your speed and location.

what if it proves it was not your fault? There are pros and cons with everything.

Answering a question with another question does not provide the answer. Read the question again , digest the question and then give a suitable response. Having a camera fitted is not an automatic " it makes me a better driver " fix so if you send in the evidence that proves you were wrong do they refuse to pay out and will they then refuse you cover again in future and you end up on the data base to all other companies?

In honesty if they really needed to prove you were at fault there are plenty of ways to prove it from witnesses, other drivers involved, the actual vehicles in the accident (usage of crash investigators) etc. so having a camera is just another way.

In some way it helps reduce that factor as it is almost impossible to lie. Ultimately if it helps speed claims up in to resolution that can only be a good thing.

thin end of the wedge with big brother!