China's Techrules to show 1,030bhp turbine electric car at Geneva

17 Feb, 2016 10:10am Lawrence Allan

Chinese firm's Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV) promises range of over 1,240 miles

New Chinese start-up Techrules is hoping to stun us all at Geneva 2016 with a turbine-recharged electric hypercar. The 'TREV' concept claims a Bugatti-rivaling figure of 1,030bhp, and a range of over 1,242 miles.

The Geneva Motor Show, which opens its doors at the start of March, has a reputation for throwing up some wild and wacky concepts. Techrules could be leading the pack with this one if the claimed figures are anything to go by, but all we've seen of the exterior is this sneaky teaser image.

Specific details of the revolutionary powertrain aren't revealed yet, but it looks likely to be a similar system to the one first seen on the Jaguar C-X75 supercar. The quoted figures are way beyond anything we've seen before, however.

Two cars can be seen under white sheets in this image, suggesting a race-specced version could be shown alongside a road-ready model. Given this is the first we've heard of it, the Techrules turbine car could still be a long way off production.

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