Britain's best new car deals - Christmas 2010

Britain's best new car deals
1 Oct, 2010 11:52am

With a VAT rise on the way, we celebrate the best festive bargains around with our guide to the best deals of winter 2010.

Welcome to the Christmas sales rush! With VAT soon set to rise to a steep 20%, car dealers are keener than ever to keep customers coming through the door, and there are attractive deals to be had whatever car you’re after.

Eye-catching finance deals, free insurance, cut-price servicing and of course plain-dealing discounting are the most common ways of tempting you through the door, but don’t forget to shop about before you submit yourself to their clutches!

Look out for manufacturers like Volvo and Hyundai, who are still giving you the chance to swap an old car for a massive cash discount, but if you've got nothing to trade in then makers like Renault and Vauxhall offer rich rewards to anyone who pays up front, sendind list prices tumbling across the range.

Check the websites of the big dealer groups like Perrys or browse the deal prices of brokers such as Broadspeed, and you’ll see there’s still room to manoeuvre, especially on bigger, or slighter older models.