New Citroen C4 Picasso spied undisguised

6 Feb, 2013 12:01pm Tom Phillips

The Citroen C4 Picasso has been spotted with a Juke-inspired new look

This is the all-new Citroen C4 Picasso, spied completely undisguised ahead of its debut in concept form at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Our pictures show the new five-seat C4 Picasso MPV. The new car is expected to feature similar dimensions as the current car, which measures 4,470mm long, 1,830 tall and 1,680 wide. However, better interior packaging should mean more space and a bigger boot capacity than the current car's 500 litres.

However, while it retains similar proportions to the current C4 Picasso, the all-new car does get a bold new nose.

Dominated by Citroen’s latest double chevron grille, the C4 now features two pairs of headlamp clusters,  similar in idea to the Nissan Juke. Slim roof pillars feature all round, and the side glass now has a chunky chrome frame running round its edge.

At the rear, the C4 Picasso’s design is much more sober, with a relatively simple bootlid design and pair of Volkswagen Golf-style LED tail-lights.

The C4 Picasso will be the first production car to use the new PSA EMP2 platform that will help shed 70kg from the current car’s 1,680kg weight. Like the new Peugeot 308, which will also be built on the EMP2 platform, the C4 Picasso will feature up to a 22 per cent improvement in CO2 emissions, thanks to a suite of measures aimed at improving economy. This will take the Airdream model below 100g/km.

Citroen claims that work to reduce friction in the drivetrain will save around 4g/km, with a stop-start-equipped engine line-up accounting for a 4g/km saving, while a new electric power steering system saves

The C4 Picasso will also feature the new PSA touchscreen infotainment system that will be used on all cars underpinned by the EMP2 platform.

These pictures were taken in Vigo, Spain, just down the road from where the C4 Picasso and larger seven-seat Grand Picasso MPV are built. The production version of the five-seat C4 Picasso and seven-seat Grand Picasso will arrive in the UK in October.

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seems to be two different vehicles in the pictures as there are two differet tail light designs. Its not a particularily attractive vehicle as seen in these photos.

Wow, that looks awesome! They just need to stick those robot-eyes on something that isn't an MPV. I think they would work on the old C-Crosser!

Jury is out until seen in the flesh. The lights could work (as per Phantom) or look ugly (as per Juke).

Is the platform the shared platform with GM?

Yes I am with Luc if you look at the front of it then one of the pics of the back of it there are 2 different plate numbers ;S

And i thought the Juke held the title of Ugly car of the decade, it has now handed that title to Citroen, I love quirky Citroen's but this is passed quirky and headed down teh pug ugly route, however the rear is quite nice and tidy.

I like the New Citroen C4 Picasso

In what way is a saving of 4 g/km of any use to me? It is a meaningless figure. I don't even know what 4 g (of CO2, I presume) looks like. Will it fit in a shopping bag? Numbers that matter to me are mpg or, since at a push, I can do the maths, l/100 km. I understand that everything these days is measured in gobs of CO2 but quoting the figures is pointless to your average reader.

A hint of Renault Avantime to the nose, looks good. Not so sure about the rest though

Great from the front but too conservative at the back where it looks like a VW. That said, Citroen deserve credit for great looking cars at a particularly dire moment in car design with high scuttles and over complex detailing.

If that 4 g/km puts the car into a lower car tax band, then it does make a difference to all of us.

Like it overall, but bigger boot space? Looks like all they've done is raise the window line at the back. That's getting to be a tired old trick now, and does nothing to increase actual usable boot space in MPVs or estates. Does look great though. Hopefully the Grand version will be stunning too.

I love the bold new look, its just a pity that the rear looks like the French Resistance have raided the nazi (VW) store cupboard...('Allo 'Allo)

Woah. All your comments have excellent levels of content.

What would you rather have 4 mpg extra or 4 g/km less? The CO2 tax band is an arbitrary figure that is only of annual significance. Fuel consumption is of daily importance and of far greater relevance. By all means, quote it, but not at the exclusion of fuel consumption.

Way to go Citröen! This's a breath of fresh air after a decade or so of ridiculously ever-increasing headlamps. It looks like a definitive new style direction, just a bit of a shame that the bravery lessens further along the car.

It's only for categorization purposes for the law.

And of course like all Citroens, it will be utterly reliable.

Fiat, now Citroen. The Mini Countryman style roof and rear quarter window look is really taking off. Have to admit though, I think it looks good at least from the front.

Well I've owned 3 Xantia TDiesel to 195K each; X-Picasso to 160K and a C4 Pic to 75K without any major problems (i.e. no new clutch's/engine failures/suspension failures/electrical failures). Our VW Golf was a nightmare - never out of garage for one [major] fault or another. The only other car I had to rival the Citroen's reliability was my old BMW E30 3.18i - 198K (after 12yrs) on original clutch and exhaust from new