Ford Mondeo Vignale revealed

3 Sep, 2013 5:00pm Luke Madden

New flagship versions of existing Fords will all carry the Vignale badge

This is the Ford Mondeo Vignale, a flagship Mondeo which heralds the start of Ford's plan to produce more premium versions of existing cars. Each will wear a new Vignale (pronounced vin-yar-lay) badge.

As an example of what we can expect from the new range – due in early 2015 – Ford will showcase the Mondeo Vignale Concept, featuring a unique interior and subtle exterior updates at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Ford Mondeo review

When the production version of the Mondeo arrives, it will borrow a number of cues from the concept, such as unique 20-inch alloys, Vignale badging and bespoke bumpers.

The interior offers quilted leather trim, special Vignale seats and soft-touch leather on the steering wheel, door tops and centre console. Buyers will also get more luxurious floor mats and specially embossed kickplates.

Sitting inside the Ford Mondeo Vignale there’s a real premium feeling, with a high-quality leather smell and an Alcantara rooflining. Remove the badges and this could easily be a high-end Mercedes. Following the introduction of the Mondeo Vignale, Ford has promised that the luxury badge will be applied to more models - and the S-MAX is next.

The reason for the new strategy is that Ford sees higher-spec cars accounting for more than half of its sales in Europe. It believes it has to build more expensive models, as premium makers such as BMW and Audi move to the cheaper end of the market, with cars like the 1 Series and A1.

It also claims that there’s a generation of people out there that doesn’t care about brands, but want a boutique, luxurious experience instead.

“Vignale represents the highest expression of the Ford brand in Europe from both a product and from an ownership experience perspective,” said Stephen Odell, Ford president of Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Vignale buyers will get a special ownership experience “inspired by exclusive services from beyond the world of automotive”. There will be bespoke sections of showrooms, a personal concierge for owners and lifetime washes and vacuums for their new car.

“Ford Vignale premium services will meet the needs of the customer for whom time is the ultimate luxury,” said Gaetano Thorel, marketing vice president, Ford of Europe. Price-wise, a premium of 10 per cent over current top-spec cars is likely. That would bring the Mondeo to around £30,000 – roughly the same as a BMW 320d Sport.

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Shameless appropriation of the Aston Martin grill by Ford. I see now why Ford wanted to buy Aston Martin. They wanted to steal the grill & stick it on their economy/non-luxury cars. Wow, that was solves everything, so from now on you do not have to 'design' anymore or go through painful & gradual design development stages lasting several years to get to a final design solution & brand image. What a sad joke. If a Chinese brand did this then people would be outraged. But since it is an American brand it seems people are so quiet about it. Is this double standard a sign of racism? Why the double standard?

Get over yourself mate! Anyway, I think you'll find that the word is Grille!

"Get over yourself mate! Anyway, I think you'll find that the word is Grille!"

...and you got all excited over a spelling mistake & had to send me a personal message...amusing. ^^

There must be a lot of deluded American idiots at Ford. Slapping on some extra chrome trim and a new nameplate and hey presto we now have 'premium' cars. Fords products are the bread and butter of the car industry - always were and always will be.

Sort of agree, but not with your last sentence. Car marques can change and adapt - who'd have thunk, 15 years ago, that Skoda would now be one of the most robust and reliable marques, regularly coming near the top of satisfaction charts? They've gone from joke to admired in short order. These things can change. Also, some of Ford's products can be bread and butter, some - like this - less so. A car marque doesn't have to have the same DNA through and through.

So Ford has to add extra leather, special areas of showrooms and lifetime car washes to sell more of a car that costs the same as a low-end 3-series -- a car which significantly outsells the Mondeo without any of that "experience" stuff. And Ford claims people want a special experience not a brand and yet is giving its car a new Vignale brand identity.

Will people be taken in by all this? It will be interesting to see if there's any profit in it for Ford or their dealers.

Well, seeing as Astons engines are made in a Ford factory these day's, what s a 'grille' between friends? Also I would hardly say a Ford looks like any Aston Martin.

Where does this leave Lincoln? With the new Vignale brand, it sounds like Lincoln's global aspirations (China) can be kissed goodbye.

Obviously, you are having a hard time understanding the ethical meaning here bcus you seem to know very little about how cars are designed & how the automotive design industry works. If you knew, you wouldn't send me such an ignorant comment. Thanks anyways^^

The interior looks nowhere near special enough! It looks more bland than the current model.

Ford had a "Premium Badge" for top of the range models, it was called Ghia. Ford also had a Practical four seater, rear-wheel drive, Market-Leading Coupe as well, It was called Capri and it dropped them both.
I'd try bringing the Cortina name back, that might drum up some sales

Interior design its a bit last year FORD too much like the current one . The so called high tech interface board looks very crude . Upmarket I don,t think so no amount of hand dyed,/ hand stitched / aniline leather will make it look Up market sorry Mr Ford Grille is OK but the the general look is to much like the current model which is bit bloated looking.

The Americans screwed up big time in the past when they placed marketing ahead of product. Now they are trying to do the same floss and gloss with a 3 year old car (by the time it gets on the market) here in Europe. I hope it gets the reception it deserves...... it becomes an answer to a Trivial Pursuit question in 10 years time.

So Ford is trying to steal sales from likes of these executive car owners, BMW, Audi etc..., no chance ! i stick with Lexus as my next car just as it is my current car, thanks !

Ford owned Aston Martin from 1993 and it is during this time the Aston Martin brought back the famous grille which it once sported about 30 years earlier. Even still a large grille has a lot of benefits with all of these new turbo charged engines (all engineered and produced in the UK) in the Ford range. Even though Ford is American owned it is generally run in Europe as a completely different company and most of the designs come to life in Europe and some by previous Aston Martin/Ford desginers.

So you think BMW 1/3-series and Audi A3/A4 buyers are not being taken in? The main reason they now outsell many mainstream cars is highly effective marketing and the badge snobbery this has created.

Nothing very special about any of these cars other than the name and inflated price. The much-vaunted quality isn't anything to shout about either. If you stuck a Skoda or Hyundai badge on any of these no greasy rep would come within a mile of one.

This is just how Ghia was applied in the early days. In the mid 70s Granada and Capri Ghias where effectively a sub-brand placed well above L's and GL's. Over the years Ghia was diluted and by the early 90s was just another trim level denoted simply by a different seat material. If the new Mondeo is any good and Vignale adds some real benefits (not the awful Bling shown on this concept) and the dealers really do segregate top of the range Mondeo owners from Gas Board Transit drivers, this could work.

Each to his own. Cant see the difference between a posh Toyota and a posh Ford mind.

You probably would if you could afford one though.

A pouty chrome fishface grille and odd bits of applied tat don't amount to an upmarket brand, more a top of the range line for those who like that sort of thing.

Wow, so much sheer rude arrogance and anger, so did Aston Martin patent it's grill then? But please do 'educate' everyone here, with your obviously brilliant and amazing insight into the car design industry. I mean with the way you talk you must be a world renowned designer with many awards, a person respected worldwide by the car design industry?

Looks nice to me however not sure you would go for this when buying a Ford.

Then you know nothing about cars so go back to your PS3.

In a nut shell Ford are basically admitting that the Mondeo still cannot compete with the German brands so are having to try and shift it up market with a bit of plastic chrome. Why don't they just build a serious reliable rival in the first place and ditch the Mondeo name?

They have, its called the Mondeo. The car that is better equipped than any German car pound for pound. They are also way above the likes of VAG and BMW in reliability studies and customer service satisfaction.
The issue is people need to stop thinking a badge matters. We would see a marked change then, BMW's would be rare as they would be shown just how over priced, under spec'ed they really are and Audis would be no where to be seen due to their appalling reliability record.

Works for BMW with that god awful kidney grille.

Spot on! I mean I wouldn't be seen dead in an Audi or BMW and they ar enot executive that's for dam sure! Unless executive means charging more for less car.

Still better than all the germans combined.

Oh the last resort, the money issue. I don't have a BMW and I could have a 7 series if I really wanted but I still chose to have an Alfa because its a better car than 1 or a 3 series, on an A3 or A4.

Like them or loathe them, the BMW sausages are unique.

This one looks too much like an Aston-Martin grille to work for me.

Even though the Mondeo sits at the Cortina/Sierra place in the range, they are now physically bigger and more powerful than the old Granadas and Scorpios that used to be the upmarket Fords. EU Ford has no model above the Mondeo. So, you pay for a posh Mondeo and it's still a Mondeo. The only way to do it is to start or buy a new brand with different styled car bodies and specs.

Interesting, but I think the last sentence says it all...

"That would bring the Mondeo to around £30,000 – roughly the same as a BMW 320d Sport."

I think most people with £30,000 to spend would opt for the BMW over the Mondeo, even if it does have great big wheels, unusual badges and fancy bumpers.

Even the luxurious floor mats and specially embossed kickplates wouldn't be enough to sway me.


JSF, did the editor's 4-year old write this?
"a high quality leather smell". That's a real selling point.

Unless they chisel the Ford badges off it, I can't see anyone paying exec-saloon money for a Mondeo, no matter how many bells & whistles it sports.

Ford need to do what Toyota has done with Lexus and create a separate model line if they want to go upmarket. Similarly, look at the VAG strategy: shared platform with different bodies whether you want affordable (Skoda), sporty but cheap (SEAT), mainstream with a slightly upmarket image (VW) and executive level (Audi). See also (to a lesser extent) Citroen C and DS ranges, Infiniti/Nissan and so on.

There's a clear differentiation between brands and sub-brands by VAG and Toyota that I expect to be much more effective than a super-duper trim level.

How does it look like fishface, it's like an Audi mixed with an Aston martin! Looks wicked, you chat a load bullsh*t!!!

This grill looks cool, Hope fully ford will stick this grill and not change it.

Hey no prob. You like, that's fine with me.

I don't think it looks any better or worse than a German interior. Problem is that without that all-important premium badge, an interesting interior to compliment the exterior would likely be extremely beneficial to the success of this posh Ford.

Ford's in that trap that so many manufacturers are in. The engineering / build quality is good, but the snob value of BMW / Audi is better. This was the reason that Jaguar was bought in the first place.

VW are the same why have a Passat or Phaeton when you can have the Audi version?

I'm surprised that the Vignale and Ghia badges hadn't been in use before now.

But it seems a shame that the one that graced the gorgeous Maserati 3500 Spyder should be on a Ford.

Yeah. The new Citroen DS range is the perfect example of a basic manufacturer successfully moving upmarket.

Ten years ago Ford had another name for a premium Mondeo full of soft leather and real wood - X-Type.
But at least with the Jag you got to avoid the riffraff at the Ford dealerships altogether, and the car gained mechanical advantages such as all wheel drive and lusty V6 engines.
This reminds me of the early Vauxhall Omega range, where the top model was called the Vauxhall Elite, with a different brochure and no mention of Omega anywhere. This was a cynical attempt to cover for the fact the Carlton and Senator had been replaced by a single model. It failed and a few years later the car was rebadged Omega Elite.
The free valet is a good idea, though...

The Mondeo is a serious, reliable rival but the blinkered badge snobs have fallen hook, line and sinker for the clever branding, advertising and marketing of the Germans. BMW, Audi and Mercedes bosses are laughing all the way to the bank at their expense.

Don't the Gas Board use VWs now? Before the VWs I think they had Vauxhalls. I haven't seen a Transit in their colours for a decade or more.

The BMW has a more prestigious badge but is it the better car? I have my doubts.

Getting pretty desperate, aren't you?

Alfa = better looking and more interesting than any German car (with the possible exception of the NSU Ro80).

I think they have already failed (the DS line) and their most viable product is the ds3 which is, you guessed it, just the C3 3-door version with a slightly (too slight!) different design to be named a different (premium is a joke for the DS3) brand.

I don't know if ford can make a premium mondeo or if it needs another brand/model for that.

I do know that it usually is a lot of bang for the buck and that this new car looks the part but ! in its standard version.

This vignale concept tries to bring some italian elements like the leather and its patterns with some extra weird trim outside. It looks like a metrose xual type of person for that, whereas the standard version with a nice black leather pack is already there, again in my oppinion.

In the end if you are a mondeo class buyer, I don't know if you should care for "premium" type cars.

Exclude all things about soft touch, leather or even rear wheel or four wheel drive: If you want space and comfort the mondeo (and its class, passat, c5, 508, superb etc) rarely dissapoint, in fact its the premium cars that dissapoint a bit. 3 series, c-class and the s60 are hardly more spacious than a good focus/golf style car. The audi A4 seems to be a bit on the middle but for me isn't really desirable design-wise anyway...

Still, if you do go for a sensible choice of car like the mondeo, nothing wrong with a version like the vignale which should make you feel better and still undercut the more expensive brands but the styling here even ruins the original for me! By the way ford is running way too late for europe distribution. And the next passat may already be out...The fusion is out in the US for quite some time.

Does the Lincoln brand have any reputation in the UK that it would have to fight against?

Because the Mondeo (we call it the Fusion) has been reskinned in a more upmarket version here in the US:

Hi Eric,
In the UK we tend to view American brands as niche products and historically they've struggled to find a market over here, in part because the examples that have been imported tend to be some way behind the state of the art.

I think its a lot better than a german interior. Its been styled, no german car has ever been styled. Sorry actually scrap that, the one and only decent interior BMW have ever made, the new Z4.

Of course it does, the same guy designed them!

All the more reason for him to have made them different.

Why would he though, he had just created one of the finest looking cars ever made in the DB9/S why mess with perfection.

Ironically, I'd say that the Ford Fiesta looks more like an Aston Martin that the Aston Martin Cygnet does!!

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