Infiniti FX vs Range Rover Sport

18 Jul, 2012 11:00am

Updated Infiniti FX takes on the Range Rover Sport to decide which rules the luxury SUV market

The Infiniti FX has been flying the flag for Nissan’s premium brand in the UK as it struggles to get a foothold in a class dominated by upper-crust European rivals.

The SUV has been Infiniti’s best-selling model in Europe for four years on the trot, but the maker isn’t resting on its laurels: it’s now launched a facelifted version of the rugged range-topper.

Fresh looks have been inspired by Infiniti’s recent motor show concepts, while some new colour and trim options add to the car’s appeal. So does top-notch build quality and a range of muscular engines. We test the FX30d in top S Premium trim. It’s the most driver-focused diesel in the line-up and comes overflowing with standard kit.

Yet the FX isn’t the only sporty SUV that’s recently been treated to a makeover. The Range Rover Sport was given a thorough update for 2012, including a power hike for its twin-turbo V6 diesel, a new eight-speed gearbox and higher specification. It’s due to be replaced next year, so can the current model still cut it against the upstart opposition from Infiniti?

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I had a 24hr test drive in a 3L diesel FX last year. Besides being as ugly as sin, and cramped inside with a boot too small to take enough luggage for 4 adults on a long week-end, the diesel is a rough as hell and the engine/auto gearbox integration is very poor.

Certainly not a match for a Merc ML 320CDI with 4-matic and the Merc 7 speed box in terms of space or power train technology. Can't speak for the RR Sport - never driven one.

Well british does not have taste, it is known worldwide.

Judging by the deep discounting and general air of desperation that I see in the emails from the Infiniti dealerships, I'm not alone in this.

Yes, lots of leather, cameras, gadgets, etc, but they are like putting lipstick on a pig - it's still a pig.

Not only bad taste but bad sense of humor too. Check reviews worldwide. Range rover sport is out of the market already, at least a few years yet. New ML stilling is terrible. The X6 behaves like piece of wood on the road. fx is the only worth one. :)