Kia expands GT plans

Kia Cee'd GT teaser
7 Dec, 2012 6:21pm Andrew English

The new Cee’d GT will herald the start of a ‘hot’ brand for Kia when it debuts at the Geneva Motor Show

Kia is planning to unleash an entire GT brand after the debut of its Cee’d GT at the Geneva Motor Show next March. The three and five-door warm hatchback will be the first in a wave of GT models from the Korean company.

The Cee’d GT, as shown in these official sketches, will feature unique paint colours, special upholstery, Recaro sports seats, bodywork stickers, exhaust pipes, LED lamps and special body parts.

And if the car is a hit, they’ll be made available individually to drivers of standard Cee’d models soon after. A spokesman confirmed: “The UK will get some very distinctive trim and equipment with the GT, and if it’s successful we will offer the look as a ‘kit’ for other models.”

There are also plans for further GT models, including a tuned-up diesel and eventually an even hotter petrol version than the 201bhp 1.6-litre Pro_cee’d GT.

“The UK will get some very distinctive trim and equipment levels with the launch of the GT next year and if they are successful we will offer this look as a GT ‘kit’ for other models,” said a spokesman.

“We’re also considering a diesel version and we’ve been approached by the US about a tuned-up version of the Forte.”