Kia Cross GT Concept

28 Mar, 2013 7:58pm Paul Bond

The Kia Cross GT Concept has been revealed in Seoul, and it previews a bigger, more luxurious SUV

The Kia Cross GT Concept has been revealed at the manufacturer's home motor show in Seoul. Joining the smart new CUB concept on the show stand, the huge seven-seat SUV concept is roughly based on the Kia Sorento and was developed by the brand's North American design team.

First shown at the Chicago Motor Show last month, the dimesions have grown by a massive 400mm between the wheels to extend the cabin area to over three meters in length - that's almost as big as luxury limos like the Lexus LS - while it is also 120mm wider and sits lower to the road than its donor car.

The design is also much more dramatic than the Sorento, with massive alloy wheels, a single piece glass tailgate and hexagonal roof lights, plus a set of stylish wraparound LED rear lights. A cockpit style dash board with TFT  layered displays, four individually floating seats and a large raised luggage space is a far cry from the seven-seat practicality of the Sorento.

Under the bonnet, there's a 3.8-litre V6 petrol engine combined with a flat electric motor that sits between the engine and the gearbox and gives a combined output of 400bhp and 687Nm of torque. The Cross GT also gets torque-vectoring all-wheel drive and a 20 mile electric only range. 

However, due to its huge size the Cross GT Concept is likely to be aimed squarely at the US market if a production version is built, as Kia would be keen to rival the forthcoming Volkswagen Cross Blue model.