Kia teases new sports car

18 Dec, 2013 5:00pm Paul Bond

Kia has released the first image of its new 2+2 sports car concept, which is due to be fully revealed at the Detroit Motor Show in January

Christmas is just around the corner, but Kia has already decided to get us excited about the Detroit Motor Show by releasing the first teaser shot of a new sports car concept due to be unveiled on its show stand.

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This new 2+2 concept has been designed by the brand's U.S. team at their studio in Irvine, California, under the close direction of styling boss Peter Schreyer, and although its shrouded in shadow and viewed from above, it is clear that this new concept will take some inspiration from the Kee concept - which was shown over six years ago at the Frankfurt show, but sadly never reached production.

A long bonnet, dramatically sculpted wheel arches and a big wraparound windscreen are all clearly visible, and the short tailgate and short wheelbase give it classic sports car proportions. Kia say the new concept is aimed at "delivering head-turning looks" and "providing superb driving enjoyment whether on the road or at the track."

Neither the front or rear light clusters are visible, but there is a sliver of front light and indicator showing on the right hand side - and the angular design and curved front-end both show hints of the Audi R8 in the design. 

That suggests that the new car could even be rear-wheel drive, and now that Kia is aiming to push the brand into becoming a sportier and aimed at a younger audience, this concept could have a better chance of reaching final production. This is especially true now that it has already launched halo models like the Kia Proceed GT.

It should have decent performance, and is likely to be powered by something a little more potent than the 197bhp 2.4-litre V6 that sat under the bonnet of the Kee concept all those years ago. Kia remains tight-lipped about further details or technical specs for the show car at this stage, although expect more images and snippets of information to appear closer to the unveiling, which is due for worldwide release on January 13th.