Kia reveals future tech for production cars

7 Jan, 2014 5:06pm Jonathan Burn

Kia showcases new technology that could make its way onto forthcoming production cars

Kia has announced first details of technology that could be fitted to its upcoming production models. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the Korean manufacture unveiled a collection of tech all aimed at delivering a ‘safer, more dynamic and efficient driving experience’.

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The main attraction came in the shape of Kia’s new User-Centered Driver concept (UCD), which focuses on the safety aspect of Kia’s future. The UCD concept provides drivers with a widescreen 18-inch head-up display, offering augmented-reality snapshots of information such as speed, navigation and traffic information directly to the driver.

There’s also a 12.3-inch TFT-LCD cluster in place of conventional dials, which relays vital vehicle information back to the driver. The system also uses eye-tracking technology so the view is not distorted from certain angles. Another feature is the ability to wirelessly charge your mobile phone though the use of magnetic induction.

Other future tech included the In-Vehicle Infotainment concept (IVI), which features a 20-inch multi-touch centre console display, which can be synced with a plug-in tablet or smartphone.

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The new UVO (Your Voice) system was also showcased, which allows drivers to connect to their cars through speech. Drivers can select specific music tracks, have text messages dictated and ask for directions all by speech. The system will be fitted to the US-spec Kia Soul EV, to be launched later this year.