Kia Pro_cee'd GT

5 Mar, 2013 2:45pm Damion Smy

Pictures and details of the new Kia Pro_cee’d GT, which gets a tuned 201bhp 1.6-litre turbo engine

Kia is preparing to take on the VW Golf GTI with its first-ever hot hatch. This stunning three-door Pro_cee’d GT has made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, and it will go on sale in the middle of this year.

As we predicted at the end of last year, power comes from a 201bhp 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbo, which puts the Cee’d GT firmly into ‘warm hatch’ territory – although it lags some way behind rivals like the 247bhp Ford Focus ST and Vauxhall’s 276bhp Astra VXR.

And it’s not just the engine that’s been pumped up, either: the Pro_cee’d GT stands out with its eight distinctive LED daytime running lights integrated into the aggressive new front bumper.

Honeycomb mesh grille inserts, a thin red pinstripe and a GT badge are also added at the front, while the sculpted body rides on 18-inch alloys with red brake calipers. Although it’s not visible in these images, Kia says there’s a twin-exit exhaust at the back.

Inside are Recaro sports seats with red stitching, which is repeated on the steering wheel and door. The leather wheel is also embroidered with the GT logo.

Unlike most of its rivals, the Pro_cee’d GT will be available only with a six-speed manual box, while it’ll cover 0-62mph in 7.9 seconds. That’s five tenths up on its Hyundai Veloster Turbo sister car, which uses a 184bhp version of the same engine, but 1.3 seconds slower than the new 217bhp Mk7 Golf GTI.

No precise details are available yet, but the car will feature firmer suspension and sharper steering, tuned for European tastes.

Kia is likely to offer multiple trim levels for the GT, with the same mechanical package but more kit. The highest spec will be based on the current flagship Cee’d 4 Tech, and will include leather upholstery and a seven-inch touchscreen with sat-nav, as well as a reversing camera and Parallel Park Assist System.

The Pro_cee’d GT will go on sale first with a price of less than £22,000, while a five-door Cee’d GT is due by the end of 2013.

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It's sure be be just as bland as every other Kia or Hyundai I can think of.

The intriguing question is will it have Kia's industry leading 7 year warranty?

As it's only up for 100.000 km's, I dont really find that warranty that great for many of us.

Bit of an idiotic, out of date sentiment these days. If you want to see the definition of blandness, please visit the forecourt of any purveyor of German automobiles. But then you probably believe all the hype about them, too.

What about Vauxhalls liftime warranty?

Would anyone pay near £22k for a Kia? I know there's a bit of badge snobbery going on here but surely you'd choose another option...

It only lasts to 100,000 miles, and only for the first owner of the car - Vauxhall got into big trouble misleading people into believing the warranty lasted the lifetime of the car, not the lifetime first ownership.

Would that be the 7 year warranty that has so many get-out clauses it's like reading war and peace? Nearly everything is 'wear and tear', including a clutch failing at 3000 miles that they refused to replace on a 4 month old car etc etc. You only have to read their facebook page to see the disgruntles comments!

I read all the comments but i'm sitting here scratching a$$ wondering how and on what does this car rival the Golf Gti on. Okay, i like the steering (well, the glimps of it) and the anything with recaro's can be respected. But 7.9 sec 0-100?? How is it possible that this car is so heavy or struggle the get that power to the tarmac? So it will look nice but wont impress you and even the Fiesta ST or Polo Gti will have something to laugh about. My granny would bake me cookies, drive to collect pension & still beat this car to the finish line in her 1986 XR3 Ford Escort.

I agree with you; whilst the Koreans have made major forward strides with design and quality in the last few years, their engine technology seems to be lacking. Look at the Kia Optima - a nice car only available with an underperforming 1.7 litre diesel. Yet in the US, it comes with a 274hp 2.0 GDi petrol engine! Likewise, the Hyundai Veloster and Coupe before it had their sporting pretensions crippled by relatively weak engines.

Most petrol Kia's seem to be fitted with 1.4's regardless of size, including the underpowered Cee'd. If they put more powerful engines into thier vehicles (by which I mean more comperable to their European counterparts), I'm sure it would increase their sales, as the rest of the package is great.

the kia looks the part but
is def overpriced at
22 k ...they need to price it around 18k to sell
in numbers ..and i agree the german cars are getting blander by the year..the golf has not altered in real terms for many years ..same with many mercs and beemers

Beautiful looking car but overpriced
People are right in saying that this is too much for a Kia but give the body kits to the lesser powered cars and definitely it is a winner

too expensive too slow

Despite the 201bhp output The Golf GTI is in a different performance league to this. The 0-62 time is only 5 tenths quicker than a Golf with a 1.4tsi 140 so if you can live with the marginally lower performance you could buy a Golf in GT spec for similar money to this and enjoy the 60mpg potential while you are at it.

When it comes out wait 6 months, it will lose more money then a London banker, buy one get it remapped to around 230bhp with a fair amount of torque. should keep up with a Golf GTI and be a damn sight cheaper.