Range Rover: Old vs new

1 Jan, 2013 1:00pm

We bring together four generations of Range Rover to see how the SUV legend has evolved

Motoring legends don’t come much bigger than the Range Rover. Before the revolutionary Brit burst on to the scene back in 1970, there was no such thing as a luxury SUV. Off-roaders were rugged and rough workhorses that offered little in the way of creature comforts.

Yet with its effortless performance, executive car comfort, smart styling and go-anywhere off-road ability, the Range Rover was as much at home outside London’s upmarket Fortnum and Mason store as it was splashing through a muddy farmyard.

Over the course of 42 years, the model’s technology, comfort and price have evolved beyond recognition, yet it has always stayed close to the “most versatile car in the world” sales pitch found in the original brochure.

Through the turbulent industrial troubles of the seventies, the brash, money-minded eighties and the environmental backlash of the nineties, the Range Rover has survived to become one of the best-loved luxury cars in the world. And now there’s an all-new model that sets even higher standards. Bigger, faster, cleaner, more luxurious and better to drive than ever, the latest Range Rover is still breaking new ground.

To celebrate, we look back at the car’s illustrious history, from the game-changing original through to the limousine-rivalling current machine. So sit back and relax as we take a ride in the best 4x4s by far.


The Range Rover has survived numerous changes of company ownership, turbulent economic times and countless technical challenges. In the early days, customers endured poor reliability and questionable quality, yet the appeal of this classy car shone through.

Today’s technology-packed and opulent Rangie is a world away from the utilitarian design of the early Classic, but the model’s unmistakable style and go-anywhere ability remain undiluted. Proudly British, yet loved across the globe, the Range Rover ranks alongside legends such as the Volkswagen Beetle, Porsche 911 and Mini as an instantly recognisable motoring icon – one that continues to evolve, improve and adapt to a changing automotive world.

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That must rate as the shortest, most pointless car review I've ever read!

It is interesting that when a vehicle is needed for a really tough job, desert, jungle, arctic conditions, you never see a Range rover or Land Rover. Too fragile I suppose!

Buy the magazine cheapskate !

Hi Keith, Have you clicked on the individual reviews? You'll find links to them in the navigation at the top left corner of the page.

Auto Express

What and pay to read that rubbish, no thanks.

You never see one? If nothing else, there's loads of Defenders tackling every terrain all over the world.

Don't be a mong.

Proudly British?? You do know that it's Indian??

The new range rover looks like something a chavy tart would drive with all that tacky bling, completely turned me away from it and instead went for a JE Engineered defender.

Something has gone wrong with this site, it is almost unreadable in my browser. If this was a "group test" why would I look for individual reviews????

Why waste money, toilet paper is cheaper and more useful!!

How Mercedes get away with charging so much for the G-Wagen and then criticize LR for the Defender is beyond me... LR is 4X4 nothing else comes close

Designed, engineered and built in the UK..... paid for by the Indians, welcome to the world of global financing.....

also built in China and a new factory opening in U.A.E, how does finance make it british??

hardly anything is Britsh any more, everything has been sold off or shut down,

I never said finance made it 'British'! However it is British designed and built and is a British nameplate. A great deal of companies around the World are majority owned by non-native wealth, Are Mercedes any less German for having most 4X4 built outside Germany?

Someone once wrote - if you want to venture into the Australian Outback, easy, just pick a Landcruiser or Landrover. If you want to come out again, though, pick a Landcruiser :-)

Mercedes is a German company that off shores it's car builds, Land Rover is an Indian company that also off shores it's builds, Mercedes = German, Land Rover / Jaguar = Indian