Maserati MC Stradale four-seater announced

27 Feb, 2013 1:33pm Jack Rix

The hardcore Maserati MC Stradale is now available with two extra seats

Until now, the most focused model in the Maserati line-up was only available with two seats in the front and a roll cage in the back, but a more ‘family-friendly’ version has been revealed ahead of its Geneva Motor Show debut next week.

Taking its inspiration from the Maserati Trofeo Championship race car, the MC Stradale four-seater gets the same exterior bodykit, rear diffuser and 20-inch forged alloy wheels as the two-seater, but is marked out by a new carbon-fibre bonnet with a central air scoop. Inside, besides a choice of new materials, two rear seats are the only addition.

Under the carbon bonnet is a 453bhp version (11bhp more than the two-seater MC Stradale) of the familiar 4.7-litre V8, first seen in the new GranTurismo Sport. Power is channeled through a six-speed robotized manual gearbox, carbon-ceramic brakes are fitted as standard and the top speed is a claimed 188mph.

There’s no word on price just yet, but expect a small hike over the two-seater’s £109,995 price tag. We’ll bring you more details when the car debuts in Geneva next week.

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Absolutely stunning looking car. Dare I say, it looks much better than a DB9

you dare not

Rapide S not DB9, either way you need an eye test...

No air con, noisy engine, hard ride, yet still too big and heavy to be a fun supercar...what's the point? You will feel like a total tool sitting in the back of this car in the summer, squashed against the back of the front seats and sweating buckets.

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