Rolls-Royce Ghost Coupe

15 Oct, 2012 5:04pm Tom Phillips

Next year’s Rolls-Royce Ghost Coupe has been spied testing at the Nurburgring

The Rolls-Royce Ghost Coupe has been spied testing at the Nurburgring. While one of the world’s most famous race-tracks seems an unlikely choice for a luxury brand to be developing its newest car, the Ghost Coupe promises to be Rolls-Royce’s fastest ever model.

Conceived as an upmarket rival to the Bentley Continental GT Speed, the Ghost Coupe uses the same BMW 7 Series-derived underpinnings as the Ghost saloon. The 6.6-litre V12 engine is likely to be the same, too, albeit tweaked to produce closer to 600bhp, up from the saloon’s 563bhp.

The air suspension has also been slightly lowered and reworked to give a firmer ride and flatter cornering, although, given the body roll of the car in our pictures, don’t expect Rolls’ trademark magic carpet ride to be too compromised by the sportier set-up.

Although this Ghost Coupe prototype wears a heavy disguise, the overall shape of the new model’s body is clear to see. The traditional Rolls-Royce proportions remain, with a short front overhang and much larger rear one, but the roofline is quite unlike any recent Rolls-Royce model, Phantom Coupe included.

The A-pillars are swept back and the roof plunges back over the driver’s head. Despite the mock rear doors seen here, the Coupe will be a two-door only. Add in the shorter wheelbase of the Coupe, this will definitely be a Rolls for the driver, rather than one to be driven in.

The car is unlikely to be called the Rolls-Royce Ghost Coupe when the car is revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March next year, though. Instead, it’s likely that owners BMW will use a name from Rolls-Royce’s illustrious past, having already resurrected the Ghost name from early 20th century.