New Skoda Superb and Skoda Fabia: fresh information

Skoda Superb rendering
Credits: Christian Schulte
22 Jul, 2014 4:45pm Graham Hope

New info emerges on Skoda's forthcoming new Superb and Fabia models

Skoda insiders have revealed more on the new Superb, which is due to go on sale next year. Our exclusive images show how the car could look. 

A senior source told Auto Express that the next version of the family car would be even more spacious than the current model – despite not being any longer.

The current car offers bootspace of 595 litres, or 1,700 litres with the seats down – and the next model will exceed that.

It will be the same length (4,833mm) but slightly wider, giving it a more dynamic, sporty look, with, we’re told, obvious nods to the Vision C concept that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

And despite being the same height (1,462mm), it will look slightly lower, with bigger wheels giving it more presence. A longer wheelbase should ensure it is better packaged too.

“If you think the current car is big inside, wait until you see the new one,” our source told us. “You will need a walkie talkie to speak to the children in the back!” 

New Skoda Fabia to get useful extra space and Outdoor version

The Superb isn’t the only Skoda that’s growing, either, with the new Fabia set to offer 330 litres of bootspace, or 1,195 litres with the seats down. This compares to 315 litres and 1,180 litres presently. The estate version of the Fabia will feature 520 litres, compared to 505 currently.

Skoda also looks set to capitalise on the success of the Monte Carlo models, with a new Fabia version available shortly after launch. It will add black wheels, a more prominent spoiler, special badging, sports seats and other racy add-ons to the Fabia package.

But its early arrival will mean there will be no vRS version of the Fabia. “People prefer to spend money on styling rather than power,” we were told by our source. Also on the way from Skoda is a more rugged version of the Fabia Spaceback, the Outdoor.

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