New Monte Carlo model to add fizz to Skoda Fabia range

Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo badge
Credits: Nathan Morgan
14 Oct, 2014 4:00pm Steve Fowler

Sportier look for Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo in place of a performance Fabia vRS

Skoda’s new Fabia, which hits UK showrooms early in 2015, will get a sportier Monte Carlo model later in 2015 with more attitude than current Fabia Monte Carlo versions.

Skoda has already said that a vRS Fabia is unlikely – its popularity in the UK alone is not enough to justfy the development costs. However, Skoda’s design team led by Josef Kaban have developed the Monte Carlo into an alternative offering with the look of a vRS, if not the power.

Speaking exclusively to Auto Express, Kaban said: “Wait until you see the Monte Carlo – we’ve added a bigger spoiler at the back with a diffuser underneath the bumper, too. And there’s a bigger spoiler at the front, some different seats inside and different colours, too.”

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The new Fabia will go on sale with a range of contrasting wheel, body and roof colours for buyers to choose from, not unlike the Monte Carlo models currently available. So Skoda has had to be more extreme to differentiate its more sporting version.

However, Monte Carlo trim will be available with all engines: “We wanted everyone to be able to get the Monte Carlo look,” Kaban told us. He also let slip that his favourite colour combination was red wheels, silver body and a red roof.

Kaban also revealed that Skoda owners will be able to personalise the insides of their cars, with printed vinyl wraps to cover the body-coloured panel across the middle of the dashboard. He told us that, within reason, buyers will be able to have anything printed, including pictures of their family. And they can be updated at anytime and ordered online.

Will the new Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo be a suitable replacement for a vRS hot hatch? Let us know in the comments section below…