Subaru WRX STI could still come to UK

Subaru WRX STI spy shot
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18 Jul, 2013 1:14pm Jack Rix

After ditching its most iconic model, Subaru is now evaluating whether to bring new WRX STI to UK

Subaru could make a U-turn on its decision to axe the WRX STI from the UK line-up, Auto Express has learned. Back in December 2012 we broke the story that the new WRX STI, shown here in our spy pictures, wouldn’t be sold in the UK due to insufficient demand, but changing market conditions means it’s back on the table.

An inside source explained that a recent improvement in the Japanese yen to British pound exchange rate means better margins for its 50-odd UK dealers and a renewed appetite for the latest version of Subaru’s most iconic performance model.

Subaru WRX STI review

The new WRX STI is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in early 2014, so a discussion to evaluate feasibility for the UK market has been scheduled for this Autumn. A final decision is expected sometime in late October or early November. 

Following the template laid out by its predecessors, the newcomer is expected to use a tweaked version of the 2.0-litre Boxer engine from the new Subaru Forester Turbo – itself a turbocharged version of the BRZ’s engine. In the Forester, it develops 237bhp – 40bhp and 145Nm more torque than the BRZ – but this would be upped to around 300bhp for the STI. 

But while things are looking good for the WRX STI’s return, the future for a high-performance turbocharged BRZ STI seems less certain. There’s still no official confirmation that such a model will make production, although a range of Pro-R upgrades for the BRZ will be available soon through the Subaru dealer network.

These include uprated springs and dampers, styling add-ons and an ECU remap which should up power to around 225bhp, according to our source.

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The front looks like an Evo.....

So, if they up the ante a bit on that engine, "which itself is a turbocharged version of the BRZ engine" does that mean the BRZ can take an absolute honk load more power? It bloody deserves it. I know its been given some good reviews, but the car market is starting to get ridiculous. German hatchbacks for £40k, Tiny Japanese coupes for £25k+ and most of them have nothing bigger than 2.5 litre engines? OK, some may be turbocharged and produce a fairly big whack of power, but some don't. Some of them are weedy 2.0 engines that barely crack 200bhp. Its just not good enough. If i'm spending around £30-40k on a car, i'm gonna want a nice big chunk of power. 6 cylinders or more, perhaps even super/turbocharged for good measure. And i'm not a muscle car guy either...I need a sorted chassis and some comfort too. But a 335i or Audi S5 costs around £35-40k. They are both excellent looking and driving cars, reasonable economy, enough space, good drivers cars, and have north of 300bhp and similar torque. Why would you buy a glorified shopping cart for the same money?