Tyre Guide 2009

Credits: Nathan Morgan
17 Sep, 2009 1:36pm Kim Adams

Our experts put 12 of Britain's top-selling tyres through their paces. Which is best for your car?

Picking the best tyres for your car has never been easy. There are dozens of makes, hundreds of patterns and a huge range of prices, with premium brands at the top end and budget imports at the bottom. And your choice could be the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Our annual tyre test aims to give the guidance you need – as we’ve found the best buys for you. We've put 12 of the leading tyres on the market through the toughest test they will ever endure.

This year, we rated the biggest-selling 16-inch tyre – the 205/55R16 size found on a wide range of family models. It is the size many tyre makers are looking at closely, as it’s used by a lot of the fuel-efficient eco models now finding favour in dealers. The wide expanses of Continental’s proving ground at Uvalde, Texas, provided the ideal venue, away from Europe’s unpredictable weather.