Vauxhall's up! is taking shape

Vauxhall up
16 Mar, 2014 7:00am Paul Bond

Vauxhall plans new city car, based on next-generation Chevrolet Spark platform

The new Corsa is due in only a few months’ time, but Vauxhall is also forging ahead with plans for a new city car to take on the VW up! and Toyota Aygo.

The initial idea was to develop this model in a partnership with PSA Peugeot Citroen, but Vauxhall owner General Motors now wants to build it on the next-generation Chevrolet Spark platform instead.

Vauxhall Corsa 2014 facelift release date & specs

Our exclusive image reveals how the car could look, and designer Mark Adams told us he’s found the styling tricky, adding: “People don’t just want a bland little box.” He suggested that the Adam, Corsa and this newcomer would each have its own “distinct personality”.

An insider said UK prices would start at “less than £7,000”, making the car cheaper than the Skoda Citigo. It’s likely to feature a naturally aspirated version of the 1.0-litre petrol three-cylinder turbo from the Adam Rocks.

This new 1.0-litre three-cylinder Vauxhall engine was revealed last month, and it will debut in the Adam supermini. There will be two power outputs, 89bhp and 114bhp, with both developing 166Nm of torque. In fact, Vauxhall claims the little motor generates more low-down torque and pulling power than its 1.6-litre naturally aspirated engines.

Stop-start is fitted as standard, and that means the engine should be able to emit less than 99g/km in a lightweight city car, making it free to tax. The new engine gets a lighter gearbox as well, so the weight saving should help the new up! rival to keep weight as low as possible.

Boss Karl-Thomas Neumann said: “We realise it’s smarter to build on our platform. We can do many things quicker and fit our latest engines and tech.”

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Vauxhall seen to build lots of small cars that cannibalise each others sales, Adam, Corsa, Agila & now an up rival.

With the Dacia Sandero sub £6,000, and the new sub £5,000 Dacia that will be sharing RWD Twingo platform announced on Autobild will cause big problems at the bottom end of the market, Germamys small Opels will struggle in the future. against a more reliable Dacia brand, that offers better value for money as well.

Chevrolet failed in Europe with the Spark, and left with their tail between their legs. Now they are trying to reintroduce the same failures again?

Vauxhall should be going more upmarket if it is not gonna get wiped out by the Dacia's of this world, There is no money to be made at the bottom end of the market it's to over supplied, this will just make things worse. Dacia have a avery low cost base, and are reliable as well, Vauxhall are not very good at both those to things, and the shape of Opel cars are generally perceived as a snoozefest lack character. Only the Adam breaks this mould by copying Fiat's 500.

Would like to see it do well, but in reality it looks like another fail from GM.

I don't think there is anything wrong with Vauxhall cars. The styling is good, and they always seem to have a good fit and finish. The problem is that in nearly every write up, the motoring press deem Vauxhall an undesirable badge, which makes them have to discount heavily to sell, which then destroys residual values.

I think the fact nearly every hire car is a Vauxhall and the Corsa being used by BSM and other driving schools puts me off the badge. For me they're like a British version of Toyota, a moving white good like a fridge or a washing machine.

I like Vauxhall's up! is taking shape

Err. Yeah it's a car and I can't see any positives about it or negatives either, it's just rather bland.

How can anyone say that Dacias are reliable, they have not been on sale here long enough yet. Vauxhall are better in every respect, I have owned several and never had a problem with any of them. I am not having a dig at Dacia, but Vauxhall are in a different league in terms of quality.

Why is it being called "Vauxhall's Up!" by AE? Surely it's "Vauxhall's Citycar"??

It's a just shorter and more evocative way of describing the car.

German customers voted Dacia their second favourite manufacturer in the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Survey, in 2010, just behind Audi and ahead of Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet finished 2nd to bottom and Opel finished 5th from bottom. Where do Vauxhall sit bottom of the pile just above Chevrolet normally in the UK.

They are the equivalent VW 's Skoda brand but offer better value for money. Dacia UK sales were up +1339% last month, l guess their sales are gaining a little bit of traction.

You ARE joking, ' a different league in terms of quality'. My mother in law has a 4 year old Corsa, 40k on the clock and the bonnet is rusted through from the inside! Vauxhall aren't interested cos she never choose to have the corrosion inspection done by them at the annual service - that really is a 'quality' product, lol.

That sounds like bad luck on a Corsa, I am sure it is unusual, there are so many out there we would have heard about it if it was a common fault. When the rest of the manufacturers start offering a lifetime warranty I might consider them. By the way, I am sure some of the first Dacias that came here had rust problems. Each to their own I suppose.

"Vauxhall's up! is taking shape"

Hopefully not this shape.

Reminds me of the Fiat 500 eating up Fiat 600.

So Opel-Vauxhall want to take on the Skoda Citigo with mechanical basics from GM?

Do they feel well?

Vauxhall/GMs image will never improve until they replace their lack lustre and aged, engine range..

I don't really get all the Vauxhall bashing. Over the years as well as other makes of car I've owned 4 Vauxhalls and never had any major issue with any of them. They've all run to reasonably high mileages.