New Vauxhall Corsa unveiled at Paris Motor Show

2 Oct, 2014 12:50pm Jack Rix

The Vauxhall Corsa has been revealed at the Paris Motor Show and we've got all the details

Vauxhall's all-new 4th generation Vauxhall Corsa supermini has debuted at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, with first deliveries starting in January 2015.

We've driven the new Vauxhall Corsa in the UK - click here for the full review

The Corsa range will include three and five-door hatchbacks powered by a line-up of economical petrol and diesel engines with Vauxhall also confirming that a VXR hot hatch variant will be offered. Prices are expected to be broadly equivalent to the current Vauxhall Corsa.  

When GM has consistently been selling close to 85,000 Vauxhall Corsa models annually in the UK for the past few years, you wonder if there’s a need to launch a replacement.

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But the company has listened intently to its customers and kept the things they like the same – the dimensions and basic shape – while working hard on improving the things they criticised, such as the ride, handling and interior quality. We joined Vauxhall’s small car brand manager, Ian Mitchell, for an exclusive tour of the car...

New Vauxhall Corsa 2014 interview

Vauxhall's high hopes for the new Corsa

From the outset, it’s clear that Vauxhall is setting its sights high. “We wanted it to have the ride quality of a Polo, but to be as fun to drive as a Fiesta – if you hit those benchmarks you’ve cracked it, and we believe we have,” said Mitchell.

“We’ve been pretty consistent with Corsa sales for the past few years. Clearly we have aspirations to grow our volume; we want to go at the Fiesta, which sells around 120,000, and steal some of its volume.”

Vauxhall Corsa 2015: new car or facelift?

The basic chassis architecture of this fourth-generation Corsa is the same as its predecessor’s, so exterior and interior dimensions are identical, give or take a few millimetres, but every exterior panel is new. Led by Brit Mark Adams, Vauxhall’s design team has taken various style cues from the brand’s latest models and distilled them into a supermini shape.

For example, the trapezoidal grille is from the Adam, along with the ‘brand bar’ running across it. LED daytime running lights are standard on most models and take on a more exaggerated, wing-like ‘eyebrow’ shape than on the Astra, while the foglights mimic the Cascada.

The front end and bonnet are lower, for pedestrian protection, and feature a scalloped indent also borrowed from the Adam. In profile, the familiar ‘blade’ crease runs just above the sills and is joined by a sharp crease above the door handles, which stretches all the way back to the sculpted tail-lights.

New Vauxhall Corsa interior

New Vauxhall Corsa 2014 dashboard

Interior space may have stayed the same, as has the 285-litre boot, but every part of the instrument panel and dashboard is completely new. Again, the inspiration comes from the Adam, with a seven-inch colour touchscreen taking centre stage.

Available with this IntelliLink infotainment system on all but the most basic models, it can be connected up to Apple or Android smartphones and allows users to download sat-nav and Internet radio apps, as well as use Siri voice control. The overall look and feel inside is miles away from the current car’s dated cabin, thanks to a lack of clutter and soft ambient lighting.

We’ll have to wait a while before we deliver a definitive verdict on the interior quality, though – this pre-production car was still wearing bare, untextured plastics in some areas.

Vauxhall Corsa 2014: updates and upgrades

The model we photographed was a five-door – designed to be the more sophisticated model in the new line-up – while the three-door is more differentiated than before. The sales split is expected to be 60 per cent three-door and 40 per cent five-door. Historically, retail customers buy more three-doors and fleet customers go for the five-door, while the retail to fleet split is predicted to be around 50:50 – identical to the current car.

A reinforced, stiffer front sub-frame and new front suspension geometry, plus a new speed-sensitive electric power-steering system, have been designed to sharpen the handling and provide more front-end bite. Two types of suspension – comfort and sport – will also be offered. We drove a prototype (below) and the changes have had a positive impact – there are even specific steering settings for UK cars to account for our unique roads.

New Vauxhall Corsa 2014 nose

Vauxhall Corsa 2015: engine range

Under the bonnet, the big story is the new 1.0 three-cylinder ECOTEC engine. “People used to associate engine size with power, but not any more,” Mitchell explained. “It’s actually got balancer shafts so it’s smoother than the 1.4.”

The direct-injection turbo will offer 89bhp or 113bhp – both giving 170Nm of torque – with a six-speed manual box, while a new six-speed auto is optional on selected engines. Start/Stop tech is standard and, in three-door guise, the lower-powered model can hit 54.7mpg, with sub-100g/km to be expected (matching the Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost).

The entry-level engine will be a 69bhp 1.2-litre petrol, while turbo and non-turbo 1.4s offer 99bhp and 89bhp respectively. The 1.3 CDTi will continue with 74bhp or 94bhp, now hitting as little as 85g/km CO2 and capable of 87.8mpg. An ecoFLEX version will be available from launch, too, with target CO2 emissions of under 90g/km.

New Vauxhall Corsa prices & specs

New Vauxhall Corsa 2014 side static

Exact equipment levels are currently under wraps, but premium features like Hill Start Assist, a heated windscreen and a city assist button (to increase assistance on the electric power-steering at low speeds) will be standard across the range. All Corsas also get ESP, tyre pressure monitors and all engines comply with Euro VI emissions rules. 

Other available kit includes bi-xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights, a rear parking camera, and Advanced Park Assist. There’s also an optional forward facing camera for road sign recognition, blind spot alert, high beam assistance and autobraking. 

Prices and full spec details on the seven UK trim levels will be revealed on October 2nd, with first deliveries in January. And unlike some makers who drip feed the full range, Vauxhall will offer every trim level and engine from launch. Plus, Mitchell said prices will be “aggressive”, adding: “At this end of the market you have to offer customers exactly what they want or they’ll go elsewhere.”

Vauxhall Corsa 3-door is go, too

New Vauxhall Corsa 2014 3-door

Unlike previous versions of the Corsa, there will be a distinct design difference between the three and five-door models, as Vauxhall targets a different set of customers for each.

Mark Adams, vice president of Opel/Vauxhall design, showed us around the latest model and explained some of the key differences between the cars.

“The three-door car is a sportier solution,” Adams said. “There is more fluidity to it. It looks like the Astra GTC, with the shoulder line and the blade signature that’s used on all of our cars in some form.”

New Vauxhall Corsa 2014 side action

The rear window line is the biggest difference, with a sleeker finish coming to a sharp point, while on the five-door this is rounder. The shoulder line Adams refers to gives it a more aggressive look than the five-door car.

Inside the three-door there will be the option of a colour strip right across the dashboard, which Adams says is another part of giving this version a younger feel.

But despite appealing to a younger market, Adams explained the Corsa wouldn’t go as far on the personalisation front as the Adam. “That’s what that car [Adam] is there for,” he said. “There will be some [personalisation] – interior accents and a chrome bar on the grille.”

VXR set to turn up heat with 197bhp

Vauxhall has confirmed a new Corsa VXR is being developed, too. “We’d like to do one; there’s such a following for it, we’d be crazy not to do it,” said small car brand manager Ian Mitchell. “You might see something next year.”

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A 197bhp version of Vauxhall’s new 1.6 direct-injection turbo is likely under the bonnet – the current VXR has 189bhp – with room to produce more potent versions later in the car’s life.

New Vauxhall Corsa prototype: driving dynamics

Vauxhall Corsa 2014 prototype 6

When we took a Vauxhall Corsa prototype car for a spin, early signs were good. The completely revised suspension means the Corsa rides bumps with a gentle thump rather a crash, even on the 17-inch alloys and with the lower stiffer sports suspension of our SRi-spec prototype.

The electric power steering has been completely retuned, too, with a more relaxed ratio for the lesser models, and a sharper calibration for sportier SRi versions. According to Vauxhall’s head of advanced vehicle dynamics Michael Harder the focus was to make the car react quicker just off centre, and because of our twisty B-roads, UK cars get unique tuning that’s even sharper than the rest of Europe.

What do you think of the new Vauxhall Corsa? Join the debate in the comments section below...

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Fussy design. Pity.

Very nice looking A Segment car now. The yellow one in the photo looks like a VXR or sportier version. Good work Opel.

Another car that will age quicker than a pint of milk.

So it's not really a 'new' Corsa then is it?

it wont be looking like that, however if it does look vaguely like the ADAM, then it will not do well, teh ADAM look as not aged very well, and Vauxhall, must learn from that and do something better.

That lower grille on the front is unappealing and won't help increase sales. Sure hope they don't muck up the Astra with it too.

I'm surprised that Vauxhall are rolling out design elements of the Adam to its mainstream models. I thought the Adam was supposed to appeal to those wanting something a bit different, with a special interior, but its going to end up just being a smaller version of any other Vauxhall

Dear AE commenters:
Your personal subjective opinions on styling are not fact, they are just your opinion. If you knew what you were talking about then you could earn big money in car design and market research. But you don't know and you don't do the latter. so nobody really cares what you think..

The Adam has been out for many Months.
I've seen a handfull in my area.
Yet i pass a Dacia on a daily basis.
Wake up Opel GM.
If this is just a facelift of the present model you are committing suicide!

At last Vauxhall has updated Corsa to bring it in line with the rivals. Interestingly however the delay didn't stop it being a sales hit in UK and Europe.
The fresh looks and the engines should help Vauxhall shift more. The influence of Adam on the new Corsa's styling is unmistakeable.

I think that is a sportier version (SXI/SRI), it doesn't have any of the design cues from the VXR models, e.g. Triangle intakes, triangle mirrors etc

Styling and appearance are vital aspects of car design and sales, so deserve more, not less discussion.

It's perhaps a pity that AE doesn't have a design guru like Robert Cumberford on board to write about the subject.

Good looking little car. Seen so many Adam's about so its influence in this will surely only make it sell.

Ford's Fiesta facelift looked more Scorpio than Aston Martin and they still sell shedloads!

The Adam sold 21,000 in Germany in 2013, a little less than the bigger Mokka. I've seen only a handful of Adams on UK roads though.

Seen loads of Adams.

True but most AE commenters drive old Rover 200s and know farcall about car styling. Armchair critics with no idea.

Old Rover 200s? Are there enough of these to go round? Doubt it! Still, the point about car styling is that you don't need to know much about it to 'know what you like.' And style does sell - I don't care for the pram-like Adam myself, but happy for those who disagree to buy one.

Vauxhall have done a nice job with this. This is a good looking car like all Vauxhalls these days.

Do you drive a VW group product by any chance?! because whenever people criticise VAG cars, the fanboys line of defence is always that they are clean simple and age well!

Nope - currently a PT Cruiser and last-gen long black Mondeo hearse estate, and very capacious it is too, with good ergonomics, and plenty of room for boats and bikes. Having said that, I like VAG cars for just the qualities you quote - clean, simple, age well.

that looks so stupid. Why this ridiculous moustache on all new vauxhalls? I would way prefer the Chevy Sonic, that may be crap, but it looks cool.

PT cruiser.

You are now banned from ever talking about cars again.

Ho ho - comfy PT has lots of chrome and is vinyled up as a promo vehicle… earns its keep nicely!

Seen quite a few on UK roads around my area. There are 2 brand new ones parked on drive ways on my street. Ones in lime green and the other is yellow with black tiger stripes... each to there own I guess.

its just an autoexpress image. it means nothing! Its using current corsa headlights and foglight surrounds. Theres no way it will look like this. Standard autoexpress with their photoshopping.

A PT Cruiser is surely a more heavily and fussily styled car than the Corsa in the picture above though!

Isn't the Rover 200 extinct?

Absolutely so - chosen specifically for its look-at-me US retro-style as a promo vehicle. Does the beans too.

My guess you either live in the Luton or Ellesmere port area.

The new more efficient engine line up sounds great and the new interior from the spy shots looks much better. Shame they appear to have completely ruined the front of, in my opinion, currently the best looking supermini. If they didn't do this but made the other changes and kept the amazingly low prices and great finance deals on current model then it may have been in with a chance of over taking Focus to number 2 spot maybe. Probably never make number 1 though unfortunately.

Why do car makers always seem to ruin the front end of a good looking car when they do a facelift version? (Yes I am aware the current Corsa is already a facelift but this was a rare exception that improved the look). Ford ruined the Fiesta with its latest facelift. Fiat ruined the Grande Punto with the Punto Evo facelift. Renault ruined the previous generation Clio. etc.
I hope Vauxhall/ Opel arent intending to 'revamp' their whole range to look like the Adam as they will very quickly go from having one of the best looking car ranges to the worst. The Adam is hideously ugly and, as others have commented, seems to be a sales flop. I have only seen 1 on the road (today actually) since its launch!

So, no actual release date.Just speculation from a misleading title as usual. Typical AE - The Sun of the motoring world!

As I've said in previous posts, only the UK keeps the sales of fords and vauxhalls high in europe - remove the uk sales figures, and they wouldn't reach the top 8 with any of their models.

Jack is a hottie

But I think he forgot to put up the new car's pics.... Instead putting up current model....

Looks and brains seldom go together, do they Jack!

Ugly. As predicted, a tarted up 2006 car. Undeniably a Corsa D after a little plastic surgery

You spelled McCracken wrong.

Yes, Adams are everywhere. I see far more Adams than Dacias.

Except it is in the 'B' segment maron

Not my cup of tea!!

I think Jack is HOT too! I'd kiss him and hope he doesn't tell!

As for the. Corsa - it's just last years model with a bit of plastic surgery! Very disappointing

Oh dear Vauxhall This looks so like the last model just like VW did with Golf and Polo. This is out of date before it goes on sale. Note to mark Adams This is a lazy design ,judging by many comments on here and other car comments pages the majority consensus is of the same opinion. Its just has not moved on OH DEAR 4/10 .It just will not come near to the all pistons firing Fiesta.

Oh Dearie me - the styling is tragic! The Corsa has been the best selling Vauxhall recently but they seem to have killed it. The rear window line looks very Korean (only they do it better) and the front is just horrendous. That is one ugly motor car!

No Adams around here - I've seen 2 since launch. No Sanderos either to be honest although Dusters seem to be popular.

There speaks the voice of a Vauxhall dealer! :-)

But it is as ugly as sin!

Not seen an Adam in months and only about 2 since they were launched - possibly the same 2 that are parked on your street. Do they both work at the same Vauxhall dealership?

I'd eat sugar cubes off of Jack's rump!

I would not eat sugar cubes off of the 'new' Corsa!

Not bad at all but in this class the Fiesta is the best and the most attractive car!

I'd 'do' Jack!


Me too! HARD!

Disappointing. Evolutionary of every Vaux model, but with nothing new, modern or sharp. Hallmarks of the previous Corsa and not nearly as modern as as any of the competition. The British will still buy hundreds of thousands

That is horrid especially up against the Fiesta.

I'd pull his pants off and kiss his masculine rump all day long!

Jack is a gay icon!

I'd shove my tongue where the sun doesn't shine!

Totally agree, I think they looked at the Fiesta facelift and how popular that car is (although will be replaced in the next few years with a new generation) looked at the UK sales and how we buy this car in huge numbers (deals and the fact we as Brits always opt for Vauxhall & Ford by default) and thought, lets just revamp the perennial Corsa D, bleat on about all that is new and call it a new Corsa E. The car is dated before even the first one leaves the showroom, heaven knows how long we will have to wait before a genuinely new Corsa is released. When the Corsa D as released in 2006 I loved it, it was fresh and modern and stood up well against its competition that were released at the same time. Punto Grande, Clio 3, Peugeot 207 etc. Looks wise this new "Corsa" lags behind the Reanult and Peugeot replacements that launched two years ago. Shame.

I'm getting a semi just thinking about Jack

For how much longer will this keep the Corsa in the top 10? It is so obviously a rehashed version of the current model, which may not necessarily be a bad thing, but as others have said, it looks so unbelievably fussy. Where the facelifted Insignia manages to look stylish, this just looks far too over the top and lower-spec models will look very awkward.

fugly, corsa c was the best looking. the astra j needs a diet and the combo van is the worst looking van ever. astra h 3 door was a great looking car too. I dont like the way vauxhall are going.

Yuck! Eating sugar lumps off a Corsa!

Yum! Eating sugar lumps off Jack's rump!

Hmmm...reminiscent of a heavily facelifted i20.

I'd shove my man-meat where the sun doesn't shine!

Droopy grille says it all.

Do you think Jack has a long slong

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I'd bugger Jack!

Hands off! Jack's rump is mine!

I'd love to see Jack in skimpy shorts. Bet he has lovely legs.

I'd start with putting my finger up Jack's bum!

What position would you do Jack in first?

I'd like him doggie biting a pillow! I'd do him hard and determined!

I bet Jack's rump tastes sweet like sugar!

Lube or spit?

Def spit!

Or perhaps a spit-roast?

I'm not sharing my Jack with you! He is mine all mine!

And I'm gonna do him later!

Strip him naked and ride his rump to heaven and back! ....bare back!

Yes! And I bet Jack likes being spanked!

I'd have it for desert! Yummie!

I agree with the majority here VX have ruined the Corsa looks and Ford will gain another 85,000 customers.

Right now Mark Adams & Co may be ruining the Astra's styling, turning it into a echo of this forgettable piece of work.

I'd like Jack on his back with his legs on my shoulders. I could lean down to kiss his sweet lips when I was doing him then.

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I'd bend Jack over the boot of the Cosra and ride his rump to heaven!

So let's hope the boot space is big enough for Jack!

You might need to position Jack's face between the 2 front seats. Perhaps turn the. Corsa into a bondage wagon to do Jack in?

Kinky Jack and a Corsa! I'd love to do Jack in the back of the Corsa.

I'd bugger Jack across the bonnet of the Corsa!

I'd do Jack on the bonnet, against the door and in the boot..... I'd do him all over the Corsa!

You need to plan for thrust room to ensure you can roger Jack well in the back of the Corsa.

Vauxhall had planned to sell between 40,000 and 50,000 Adams in the first year and in fact sold over 45,000 of which over 20,000 in Germany alone so targets have been met.
Source Wikipedia.

Would you have Jack in a jock or tight white pants?

(I know they wouldn't be on for long!)

The only thing this car does is make the Fiesta look even more attractive. Grafting the nose of the Adam onto the Corsa does nothing to produce coherent styling.

I'd spec my Corsa with a sunroof so I could do Jack on the roof!

Let's hope the Corsa takes the humping weight of Jack and I!

Your argument is up to the walls crazy
You say that opinions are important and that you know what you like and that you know what you do not like...
But ... are you really sure that you know it ...
What if you only THINK you know what you like and dislike..?

Because your eyes do not see what there is to see and your brain can not understand and interpret what you see.
That's what Sherlock Holmes always says.

So your eyes and your brain is lying to you.
What if what you are experiencing is a lie, told to you by your eyes that do not see and your brain that does not understand?
If you base your feelings and conclusion on incorrect

Can you then really be sure that what you are feeling and experiencing are what you would really feel and experience also if you saw everything there was to see and did understand everything there is to understand?

Do you think it does not matter how a person experiences the world around him…? If that person is ignorant of everything or understand everything?

And is it not true that the more refined, sophisticated and complex something is, the harder it is for the ignorant to understand and form an accurate picture of what they see?

And people usually do not like that they do not understand.

But if on the other hand they understands what they see…

To put it short; I know you do not understand this car and that is why you do not like it, but I also know without doubt that if you could really understand what you see - you would love it.

So is it not sad that you are missing something you actually enjoy just because you incorrectly imagine that you do not like it?

After 8 years on sale, this should be a completely new model, not a facelift. Interior looks a vast improvement. It will still sell well in the UK because it's a Vauxhall and as a result will be heavily discounted.