Vauxhall Adam Rocks adds hint of SUV to Adam city car

4 Mar, 2014 12:41pm Jack Rix

Vauxhall reveals new Adam Rocks at Geneva Motor Show, a more rugged version of the Adam city car

Vauxhall has revealed the Adam Rocks, a tougher version of the Adam city car. Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, the Rocks manages to be both a jacked-up mini crossover and a convertible thanks to a peel-back roof.

The Vauxhall Adam Rocks sticks closely to the formula of the concept first previewed at Geneva last year, with a raised ride height and cladding to protect the bodywork. It’s taller and wider than the standard car, thanks to 15mm raised suspension and the protruding bodywork.

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The revised front grille – which has a chrome bar running through it – is embedded into the cladding, while silver boomerang shapes wrap around the foglights at the front and back. A rear roof spoiler and LED running lights come as standard, and metal skid plates complete the mock off-roader look.

Changes go beyond the styling, though, with retuned suspension, recalibrated steering and revised rear geometry. Either 17 or 18-inch alloys are available, plus several new colours – including the Goldbusters Yellow seen on the car pictured.

Vauxhall Adam Rocks yellow rear

Vauxhall Adam Rocks: folding fabric roof

The Adam Rocks is available exclusively with a folding fabric roof – and the standard Adam will be offered with the same hood later in the year. The triple-layer roof slides back in five seconds at the touch of a button. 

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As with the Fiat 500C, which employs a similar roof system, it has no impact on the car’s stiffness – so the Rocks should be just as good to drive as the fixed-roof Adam. 

Vauxhall Adam Rocks: new 1.0 ECOTEC engine

There’s big news under the bonnet, too, because this is the first model with Vauxhall’s all-new 1.0-litre ECOTEC three-cylinder turbo. No efficiency figures are yet available, but the car has either 89bhp or 114bhp and a six-speed manual box only. 

The new engine will soon be rolled out across the Adam line-up, and will feature in a range of other Vauxhalls including the new Corsa, due later this year. Two other petrol engines are also offered – a 69bhp 1.2 and a 1.4 with 86bhp or 99bhp.

Rocks interior combinations aren’t for the faint-hearted, with a choice of colour schemes including dark brown seats with bright blue stitching. For £275 you can have the Intellilink infotainment system, which features a seven-inch touchscreen capable of connecting with selected apps on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Prices aren’t yet known, but expect a premium of £3,000 over the regular Adam when the Rocks goes on sale in the summer. 

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As someone else said this vehicle looks like Homer Simpson! The names get sillier as well.

Very nice development of the ADAM theme. Good body kit styling, logical chassis developments too, but the big news will be the all new 3-cylinder engines. I look forward to the road tests. Go ADAM!

Yes! please, please, please go ADAM as far away as possible. This car looks worse the more I see it. A massive sale flop and soon to be ditched I hope.

If it's an Opel Adam, surely it should be a Vauxhall Alex, or does no-one in GM really have a clue on their history. On second thoughts, we live in a more sophisticated world these days. Everybody knows the truth. So stick GM on the front of all of them and call it the Billy.

No, it will sell really well and make good money for GM. Which is all that really matters. What you think of its looks is irrelevant.

This roof system isn't similar to the 500 (or DS3), its just a large fabric sunroof. I'd argue that its a far better solution, though, as it offers only a few inches less opening, but doesn't cause the loss of the hatch or non-existent rear visibility that the other two models suffer. But please, don't pretend its anything more than it is...

Ouch - embarrassing car alert!
Ugly, pointless and expensive,