Vauxhall Mokka vs rivals

MINI Countryman vs Vauxhall Mokka and Nissan Juke
24 Dec, 2012 10:30am

The Vauxhall Mokka takes on its compact crossover rivals, the Nissan Juke and MINI Countryman

Urban chic is at the heart of Vauxhall’s new model onslaught, with the fun-sized Mokka crossover arriving just months ahead of the stylish Adam city car. Both will break new ground for the brand and face tough competition from well established rivals. However, Vauxhall has such confidence in the new Mokka that it believes it will soon become its third best-selling product.

With chunky off-road-inspired looks and either two or four-wheel drive, the Mokka has all the right ingredients to make an impact in this fashionable sector.

We’re testing the affordable 1.6-litre petrol model. Up against it are two cars famous for breaking the mould: the Nissan Juke and the MINI Countryman. The Nissan sticks closely to its supermini roots, but in the Shiro trim tested it is laden with kit, while the big MINI brings premium gloss.

Despite their different backgrounds, all these cars are priced within £100 of each other – could the final result be as close?


Crossovers have such a broad appeal now that car makers are pushing the boundaries to ensure their new model is the one that stands out.

With the Mokka, Vauxhall has focused more on offering SUV-like cabin space and practicality than lots of gadgets or pin-sharp handling poise.

As a result, the new car falls between two stools. It has smart looks and a more flexible interior than most rivals, but it fails to stamp its authority on this sector and so finishes in second behind the higher-quality MINI Countryman.

Had the Mokka been a diesel, this result might have been different. But the asthmatic 1.6-litre petrol engine is inefficient and slow.

Tweaks to the ride and handling have made the Vauxhall more comfortable and composed than the Juke, though. Despite its excellent value for money and generous standard equipment, the Nissan brings up the rear in this test.

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How the hell did the Juke not beat the Moka! The residual speaks for its self

Cor! Talk about the ugly bug ball. If anything demonstrated the hideous end of the present dire state of motor styling it is this trio.

I quite like the simple understated looks of Vauxhall's Mokka. What a name though. Sister company Chevrolet's Trax is a better name but I detest the Chevrolet front styling and grill. The real problem seems to be with the engines. Vauxhall needs to come up with some exciting and clean engines and quick. The competition has moved on.
If sales is the yardstick to go by then Nissan Juke has done pretty well in spite of its radical front.
And I do like Mini Countryman despite its Mini-on-steroid looks. But the car is not so practical and I'm tired of those dated dials and switchgear but it'll hold the value best.

How the hell did the Mini win - less spec - less driver power apeal - turning circle of a warship - option list is ridiculas. Mini residual might show higher thn a Duke - try and get a 50% return on purchase anywhere else - too many pre reg Mini's around!

The Skoda Yeti should of been in this test too? Would of been interesting to see the outcome.

Vauxhall really don't deserve to do well with the Mokka because they haven't put any effort into it.

The design – we've seen before.
The interior – we've seen before.
The engines - we've seen before.

What's new except the standard hatch being put on stilts? Lazy manufacturers just don't deserve our hard earned and it's the same for many brands in other industries such as the Apple iPhone 5. Where is the innovation!?

there is a diesel now, so this review needs updating lol