Volkswagen Polo 2014 revealed with new engines & tech

28 Jan, 2014 10:00am Luke Madden

Upmarket Volkswagen Polo supermini gets facelift, new engines from up! and tech from Golf

Five years after the fifth-generation Volkswagen Polo arrived, VW has given its big-selling supermini a thorough overhaul. New three-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, an infotainment system from the latest Golf and a raft of new tech have been added, to give the little Polo a big car feel.

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There are styling changes, too, although you’re unlikely to notice them. Sharper bumpers, redesigned LED headlights (on top-spec models) and a chrome strip between the foglamps are the only exterior tweaks.

However, inside there’s a smart new three-spoke steering wheel and the same modular infotainment system (MIB) as in the MkVII Golf. The top-of-the-range unit features a 6.5-inch colour touchscreen that senses your hand moving towards it, then displays more options. It incorporates Bluetooth audio streaming and smartphone-style gesture zooming for maps, too.

VW Polo facelift spied

Safety tech has also filtered its way down from the new Golf. This includes radar-controlled adaptive cruise control, an autobraking function and an optional rear view camera. A new electromechanical steering system helps to reduce fuel consumption, while ‘Sport Select’ two-stage adaptive dampers can be added, in a Polo first.

But the real advances are under the bonnet, where VW has updated the entire engine range, improving economy by 21 per cent in some cases. Gone are the old 74bhp 1.2 TDI and 89bhp and 104bhp 1.6-litre TDI diesels, replaced by a trio of three-cylinder 1.4-litre TDIs with identical outputs.

Most impressive is the 74bhp Polo TDI BlueMotion. Its economy is up from 83mpg to 88mpg, and CO2 falls by 6g/km to 82g/km. Even the regular 89bhp Polo TDI with a DSG auto now emits just 89g/km.

VW still offers its 89bhp and 108bhp 1.2 TSI petrol engines, but has replaced the old naturally aspirated 1.2-litre engine with the 1.0-litre three-cylinder from the up!, offering 59bhp or 74bhp.

An 89bhp turbo version of the same three-cylinder powers the 1.0 TSI BlueMotion, and claims 69mpg and 94g/km. Topping the range is an updated Polo GTI, with a 12bhp power hike to 189bhp.

Volkswagen Polo R protoype review

The facelifted Polo will debut at March’s Geneva Motor Show, and go on sale soon after. VW claims prices won’t rise, so it should start from under £11,000.

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Good to see Volkswagen at last responding to the rising criticism of the age-old, rough and relatively dirty engines it offered in the Polo line-up.

The new line-up of petrol and diesel engines is vast and looks impressive: something for everyone! The new steering wheel lifts the interior too.

The current one is rather dull to drive - nearly as bad as a Honda Jazz.

Let's hope we see all this new tech on the new Skoda Fabia due next year. Current model, although still a strong seller, is looking a bit long in the tooth now.

This is bad, very bad! They fixed the headlamps of the Golf in the polo and called it total revamp. looks the same ugly thing!! Not for me at all!

The Honda Jazz is quite better in quality, design and engines!

Volkswagens, Seats and Skodas are bad, quite bad!!

put down the crack pipe, Mickey.

Everyone knows, and is confirmed by car God Jezza Clarkson, when it comes to quality no one is better than Jaaaaaaaaaaaaag!

They're miles better than the tripe that Ford produces.

And if they're so bad, why do they have better residuals that most other affordable car manufacturer's?

Excellent, execpt i really don't want any of that new multimedia mumbo jumbo, the less electronics it got the better. So can i choose NOT to have it?

You can't have driven a Fiesta back to back against a Polo - otherwise you would not make such a ridiculous statement.

Yes because Fiesta's alloys don't buckle at the slightest knock, they really look and feel nice inside and they dont rust......Yeah the Fiesta handles nice but is tacky and cheap feeling inside. The centre console and plastics are behind Kia and Hyundai nowadays. Look at all the reviews of the current Focus, the interior is slated in every review.

Agree. Have driven both the current Jazz and Polo models. I actually prefer the Jazz to drive - sweeter engines and gearbox. Handling less sharp than a Mazda 2 or Ford Fiesta but just as good as the Polo.

Fact is VW's are very over-hyped cars. Ordinary to look at and boring to drive (hot models aside). VAG products are also not the quality items they would have you believe.

YES!!! In an Ibiza :)

Thx! Ibiza it will be then ;)

The Polo has no excitment, no passion to drive... drove one and I did not like it at all! The Fiesta is by far the best car to drive and own in its class.


The Fiesta is far better than the Polo. Its more atractive, fun to drive, better engines and overall quality is above.

better engines on paper, the 1.0 ecoboost 125 which is supposed to do 65mpg combined is well known to only get low 40's. Nothing special about that.

Get the Clio, much better looking inside and out, plus better to drive. Volkswagen's are too over rated, just plain boring boxes!

Have VAG sorted the engine problem experienced by Customer who bought th1.4 tsi 178 unit in the Polo GTI, Skoda Fabia vRS ,Seat etc.
Engine failures ,replacement build units ,short and full . Continuing to have problems of very high oil consumption on the latest CTHA ENGINE -AWFUL on the earlier CAVE.
However, VAG have never openly owned up to a major problem and yet continue to sell cars in UK and beyond with faulty engines-outrageous as the CUSTOMER suffers endless time and expense trying to get a"real" engineered solution under a warranty .
Their warranty cost must be running high and customer frustration matching that.
Can you ask VAG on behalf of thir potential CUSTOMER if they have sorted these issues in an even higher power output unit proposed ,before they launch it unsuspecting Customers in the UK.
Can your mag question manufacturers and not just go gaga over a new launch.
Help the buyers of your mag. for once on a big issue.
Look forward to some form of investigative reply.

Buy a Toyota.

Residuals are calculated using the vehicles' RRP vs. an average resale value. As we all know, you don't get much discount off a VW so the residual calculations are reasonably accurate. However, on a Fiesta for example, you will achieve a generous discount. Using this figure and the predicted residual value, the retained value is comparable, and in most cases, better than a VW. This is a fact. Do your homework before believing what people say.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ . . . . . . . . .

Or a Sandero and save money for a couple of nice holidays.

Quite right!

If you want an exciting car you wouldn't buy either.

Ford are nasty tacky pieces of rubbish & I do know what I'm on about as I was given was as a hire car, Vile junk. >-(