Pirelli Snowcontrol Serie 3 W210

17 Oct, 2012 10:27am


Not quite at the level of rivals. Aquaplaning performance could be improved, too.

Poor aquaplaning results are behind Pirelli’s seventh- place finish. While no means as bad as the Linglong, it came seventh in both our tests.

Elsewhere, it was a match for the leading group, and felt nowhere near as bad on the wet handling circuit as those aquaplaning results suggest.

Initial grip was good and it turned well on a steady throttle. Add a bit more power, and the front slides wide progressively. It felt stable throughout with no rear end movement.

The Pirelli also took second spot in the wet braking, as you’d expect from a B-rated tyre. However, it was less assured on snow, lacking the final bit of grip its premium brand rivals found.

Behind the wheel, you could feel its lack of bite, with the front easily washing out, making it hard to turn in. This did mean the rear end was stable, though.

It was a similar story in the dry, with the Snowcontrol a step behind its rivals in braking, although it was right in the middle of the pack on the handling track.

Cabin noise was well controlled, with the Pirelli just behind the leading pair.

Rating Position
Snow braking 94.5% 7th
Snow traction 96.4% 6th
Snow slalom 94.1% 5th
Snow handling 96.9% 8th
Straight aquaplaning 83.8% 7th
Curved aquaplaning 70.6% 7th
Wet braking 98.8% 2nd
Wet handling 99.4% 2nd
Dry braking 96.9% 6th
Dry handling 99.5% =4th
Cabin noise 99.3% 3rd
Rolling resistance 91.5% 4th
Price £77.47 3rd
Overall 95.9% 7th