Our verdict

Winter tyre test verdict
17 Oct, 2012 10:14am

These results show you shouldn’t wait until it snows to fit winter tyres. Summer tyres are a liability in snow and inferior in the cold and wet.

It’s also obvious which winter tyre you should fit: Continental’s TS 850 works well on all surfaces and won’t hit efficiency.

The Goodyear comes closest and is the wet road star, while Dunlop is best on snow. But any of our top seven would be a big improvement on a summer tyre.

Just avoid the Linglong. It will help in the snow, but its wet road performance is cause for concern.

Overall results

Position Make Overall rating
1 Continental 100%
2 Goodyear 99.3%
3 Dunlop 98.5%
4= Nokian 97.6%
4= Michelin 97.6%
6 Vredestein 97.4%
7 Pirelli 95.9%
8 Linglong 90.9%
NR. Summer tyre 76.5%