In-car phone holders tested

In-car phone holders tested
8 Feb, 2012 6:00am Kim Adams

To use your phone in the car, you need a holder that gets a grip. We choose from 12

If you need to take calls while driving or have sat-nav on your mobile, a phone holder has become an in-car essential.

These devices fit to your dashboard, screen or heater vent, and the best keep your handset safe and easy to use without forcing you to take your eyes too far off the road.

There’s a range of designs and prices, so which is the one to get a grip on your tech? We installed 12 to find the best.

How we tested them
We were looking for our phone holders to accommodate a variety of handsets – from slender standard mobiles to the latest widescreen smartphones – and be able to display them in portrait and landscape modes.

Plus, we assessed where in the car they could be used – fixed to the dash, screen or air vents – and rated design features such as the spread of display angles, supporting brackets and ease of adjustment.

Points were scored if the handset and mount were easy to remove, and on the road we checked for vibration and rattles. All prices exclude delivery.


There’s a bit of magic about our winning Dash Genie. It has dash or screen mounts, and its sticky pads work a treat, leaving phone controls easy to get to. Arkon products round out our podium, with the neat Slim Grip getting the nod for second place ahead of the versatile Mega Grip. 

1. Mobile Fun Dash Genie
2. Arkon Slim-Grip Mount
3. Arkon Mega Grip Mount