Alloy wheel protector mini test

5 Dec, 2012 10:00am

We test a pair of alloy wheel kits to see if they can eliminate kerbing

Alloys look smart only when they’re in pristine condition. Be careless when parking and kerb them, and they can be ruined – costing a fortune to refurbish.

Alloygator rim protectors cover the edges of your wheels to keep them safe from harm and, until now, have had this market all to themselves. But new Rimblades claim to offer similar protection in just as many colours.

So which is better? We fitted Alloygators on the driver’s side of our test car and Rimblades on the passenger side to find out.

Our test looked at how easy each was to fit, then we rated the protection the products offered by driving very slowly along the same stretch of kerb, noting any scuff marks to each protector or alloy wheel. Cost was the final factor.

The Rimblades proved far easier to fit than Alloygators – they stick on in minutes once you’ve cleaned the wheel. The trouble is they don’t provide as much protection, with damage showing up more quickly. So although Alloygators are pricey, they’re much more durable.

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So, how do you rank the RimPro-Tec product versus these two?

Just got Alloy gators installed to cover my rims. I had literally destroyed the edges of my rims and they looked awful. The Gators were AMAZING! My rims look new and the tires too look better. I chose red for my little sporty car. It is very classy and doesn't make the car look "cheap". They are really durable. For the cost, it was well worth it. Plus, these Gator babies are meant to STAY PUT and not come off.

Hi Calvin,

We haven't tested the RimPro-Tec product - but a quick look at the company's website suggests it's closer to the Rimblades in its construction, so we doubt it would offer as much protection as a set of Alloygators. We'll hopefully get a chance to test it next year.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Rhian and Booster,

My quick read is that the RimPro-Tec is hard kerb rash resistant plastic like the Alloy Gators - but the downside to not having to deflate the tyres is that there is no protection on the wrap around lip of the rim. So, for brush by kerb events like parking the RimPro-Tec protection performance could be same -- while easier to repair -- but for pothole type events the Alloy Gators appear to offer better protection.

Do Alloy Gators survive tyre changes?